5 Reasons to Buy An Instant Camera Now

 Ah, photography. It’s a love affair that lasts a lifetime. With my iPhone in my pocket I literally have a modern camera accessibly 24×7. I take photos of everything – indiscriminately, because I know that the potential for storage is limitless, thanks to over-the-air sync. What this has resulted in is a virtual warehouse of photographs. I honestly do not remember 80% of them, and they will probably never be seen again. Whilst I absolutely LOVE digital photography, I miss the era of prints. Holding a photograph in your hands is a different feeling altogether (and I am SURE you agree).

Having a good camera is something every photography enthusiast wants. Photographs mark our memories forever. A person takes a lot of images in his lifetime but a very few of them get to take the form of a paper. Nowadays with the digital camera we are able to see the pictures right after clicking them instead of having to wait for weeks for the photo to get developed. The origin of the instant camera was also motivated by one such incident. Edwin Land (the creator of instant camera and later on went on to co-found Polaroid) was clicking his daughter one day when she asked “Why can’t I see them now?” This question gave him the idea to create a camera through which people can see immediate pictures.

I’ve always been curious about instant prints – and the folks over at Fuji were kind enough to give us the FujiFilms’s Instax Wide 300 and did some field testing. Here are five reasons I think instant cameras are totally AWESOME.


Using Instant camera pictures in couple shoots seemed like a fun idea.

#1 REALLY preserving memories

With emerging trend of clicking pictures and available technology, we all click a lot of pictures per day and forget about them. With our phone memories filling up with pictures it is a sad thing that they hardly get noticed after clicking. Once clicked a picture is rarely reviewed again. This is where instant cameras come into action. You can click any moment and preserve it forever. Instant Camera pictures are the most classy and vintage way to save memories. For those of you who love to write and keep diary, instant cameras is totally your thing. Also, the moments that you capture on these cameras are always close to you because these are mostly used to capture something special.


Your moments will be marked forever! (Praerna and her BFF Anshul happy with the testing we were doing!)

#2 Instant Gratification

Yes, an LCD screen is instant too – but having a print is better. An instant camera takes around 2 minutes to dry and few more minutes to properly develop. The colour contrast of the pictures comes out very beautifully. Now you can simply click, count to 100 and see your picture, isn’t it exciting?


Click pictures, get them instantly and click with them, maybe!

#3 It’s not THAT expensive

I always thought the cost of an instant print was “expensive”. (My brain didn’t figure out HOW MUCH, just that it was!). It’s actually not so bad. If you get a print of a 4 inches X 3 inches picture in a neighbourhood studio, it costs you around Rs.120. Doing the math, an instant print using the Fuji came to around Rs.100 each. Considering I didn’t really need to go visit a lab, this seemed like a good deal! 


Light and simple plastic body makes it handy.

#4 Tech -friendly

The body of the camera is very light and made out of plastic that makes it sturdy. It’s VERY simple to use – even a child can do it. IT just has three buttons, and all you need to do is point and shoot. With an automatic flash, the camera handles focus automatically and with a 90mm or so lens, portraits are easy-peasy. You DO NOT need to be a professional (or any sort of) photographer to use this baby.


The pictures pop out from the top and the film can be inserted from the rear side.

#5 Additional Bonus Features

The camera also comes with some other useful features like LCD display that projects the number of frames remaining, a brightness control toggle, a flash and a tripod socket to take your perfect shot. It has a 95 mm lens which can focus upto 40 cm.

In short, this camera is a perfect package that is simple to use and at the same time also gives you some basic photography details. It is light, it is handy, it is cheap and it is fun to keep. Go get one now!

[box title=””]Disclaimer: The views in this article are personal. The camera and film were provided by the good people at Fuji India. Much love to them! [/box]


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