A Delhi Wedding Photography Story | Abhishek+Annissa

Two souls joined together in a beautiful Delhi wedding photography story

They say that third time’s a charm. And it was certainly true for Abhishek and Annissa. Something magical happened when they met for the third time, something that couldn’t be defined or explained. But it felt like a larger force bringing them together irrevocably. It felt like destiny.

Everyone in their families described the pair as a match made in heaven. Annissa’s affectionate bond with her sister-in-law’s and her mother-in-law was so sweet to witness. And her family couldn’t be happier at finding a caring, loving gentleman for their beloved daughter.

It was such a pleasure to shoot their pre-wedding in the picturesque Roseate. We could see the spark between them that only comes from a deep love and bonding. When Abhishek is around Annissa, nothing else matters to him. They both just go in their happy bubble when they’re together, which is perfect for us since it gave us the chance to capture some loving and intimate moments between them!

Their sangeet was a vibrant and energetic affair with dance performances and music. Not to mention, the heartwarming celebration of love between two families.

The gorgeous duo got married in a two-day celebration in the regal ITC Maurya in Delhi. It was such an honour to shoot the very first wedding to happen in ITC Maurya. We loved the intimate feel of the wedding functions.

Watch Abhishek and Annissa come together in a beautiful celebration of their love in the ITC Maurya in Delhi.

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