A Kochi Destination Wedding Story | Vidya+Ankur

A Kochi destination wedding story of a charming couple

As wedding photographers, we are the biggest fans of love stories. And it’s especially heart-warming when we get to witness ones that have stood the test of time to make it to the big day.

Vidya and Ankur were medical students when they met in college eight years ago. They met through a common friend as strangers and became friends soon. There was something Vidya liked about Ankur since the beginning that she couldn’t quite put a pin on. And Ankur felt the same. It was one of those friendships where both the people feel like there is something more between them. And there definitely was! Ankur was the ice to her fire! And soon enough, they had decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

When we first met our stunning bride, she told us that she knew she definitely wanted two things for her wedding day. An elegant Sabyasachi lehenga and having us shoot her wedding! It was an absolute joy that we could fulfill one of those two wishes and capture her love story with her beloved Ankur. We shot their pre-wedding in the incredible backwaters of Kochi and got some magical moments between them.

Here are a few of our favourite moments from their wedding.

Indian wedding photography Sabyasachi bride portrait

Vidya and Ankur’s eight-year-long love story culminated in a beautiful Kochi destination wedding. Their wedding ceremony was held at the gorgeous Ramada Resort. They had two wedding ceremonies – a North-Indian style Hindu pheras and a lovely Kerala Hindu wedding. And we couldn’t be happier that we could capture Vidya in all her Sabyasachi glory!

Wedding photography South Indian bridal portrait in Kochi

A Delhi Wedding Story | Ajay+Nandini

A Delhi wedding story of a couple that warmed our hearts


Love at first sight doesn’t always happen. A lot of times, it takes years for two people to realise that they share something more than just friendship. And sometimes, that very friendship becomes the foundation for a bond so strong that you can’t help but want to spend every waking moment with that person.

Ajay and Nandini met at a party in Las Vegas. Neither of them knew then, that they had met the person they would end up being married to. They were friends for the longest time until one special Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco that changed it all for Ajay. Let’s just say that it took a little more time for Nandini to realise that she loved him too! Once that happened, there was no looking back.

They spent the next few years loving each other, fighting, eating, travelling and enjoying their lives together to the fullest. Individually, they are lovely, but together they make a fantastic couple that everyone adores! And it is only when you see them together in action that you know how great their chemistry is.

Ajay proposed to Nandini on a beautiful sunny day in New York, in the presence of their closest friends. The rest, as they say, is history.

They had a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the Chhabra Farms in Delhi followed by a grand reception in the regal Taj Krishna in Hyderabad. Here are a few of our favourite moments captured from their wedding.

Watch the story of how two best friends fell in love.

Wedding Makers

Designers for Nandini: Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Anushree Reddy
Designers for Ajay: Rohit Bal and Shantanu & Nikhil
Decor: Abhinav Bhagat
Venue: Balsons Farm, Satvik by Chhabra Farms, Pride Plaza and Taj Krishna (Hyderabad)
Make-up: Priyanka Arora

Here’s what Nandini had to say about her experience with us!

“We had a blast with Twogether Studios. One thing that I absolutely love is that at no point was it becoming very like,” Pose, pose, pose!” It was always very very conversational. Everyone in the team is super nice. So that’s the thing I enjoyed the most with Arjun and Praerna – just the way it was so candid. There were a lot of pictures that when I saw, I was like I had no idea when they were clicked. So definitely really loved that aspect. I personally loved our wedding trailer and video. They got the gist of whatever I wanted to hear from whatever person. I think they (Twogether Studios) really invest in the time in understanding how everyone is. When you know someone you can anticipate certain moments, and they did a very good job at that.”


A Delhi Destination Wedding Story | Vijay+Chandni

Vijay and Chandni make vows for life in a Delhi destination wedding

There are times when you meet a person who turns your life around. They make you believe in fairytales and happily-ever-afters. That one person changes your perspective on life and gives you the courage to take a leap of faith with them. And you know that they will always hold your hand through the thick and thin of life.

Vijay and Chandni were extremely lucky to find that special person in each other. Even though both of them were realists, their first meeting changed everything! Vijay had never thought he would ever have an arranged marriage and Chandni wasn’t the kind of person to dream about Prince Charming. But after that first date, Chandni knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. In Vijay’s words, it was a “karmic connection” that brought them together. They hit it off instantly, with each other and each other’s families!

The lovely duo got married in the beautiful Taj Vivanta and made memories and promises for life. Their two-day wedding was full of love, laughter and family banter. From the haldi and mehendi to their pheras, their love for each other and their families only grew! It was an honour to capture their special day and create life-long memories for them and their family! Here are a few of our favourite moments from their wedding.

Wedding photography lehenga shot India

Watch how Vijay and Chandni found their Karmic Konnection during their lovely two-day destination wedding in New Delhi, India.


A Jaipur Destination Wedding Story | Apurva+Piyush

The perfect couple gets hitched in a beautiful Jaipur destination wedding

What do you do when you find that companion you’ve been waiting for all your life? You do not hesitate even for a second before saying yes to spending the rest of your life with them. Right?

Piyush and Apurva’s story begins just like this.

They met for an arranged setup at Starbucks and four hours later realised that they didn’t want to spend any more time apart. One look was all it took for Piyush to know that “this is happening”. The more time they spent together, the more they realised that they’re very very similar. They met all of each other’s expectations for their life-partner. It was a spontaneous and quick decision for both of them. “Chat mangni, pat byah!,” in Apurva’s words. They did not take any time in saying yes to spending their life together!

What followed is a magnificent celebration of their union. From the first date to the wedding, no one could say that this was an arranged marriage. The couple had assimilated into each other’s lives seamlessly!

Bridal portrait Indian wedding photographer Jaipur destination wedding

Apurva and Piyush were married at the majestic City Palace in Jaipur. We loved shooting these lovebirds and their exceptional story!

Here’s what our groom Piyush said about his experience with us!

“One of the best decisions we made (and full credit to my wife), was to personally search for the best Wedding Photographers. Lucky for us, we met Arjun and Praerna and barely 10 minutes into the meeting, our search ended. From not being convinced about the idea of a Pre-wed shoot, to getting clicked on the streets of Chandani Chowk, Arjun and Praerna helped us shed all inhibitions. Also, its always fun to smile/pose for people you are comfortable with. That’s exactly how the Twogether team made us feel. Thanks guys for capturing our treasured memories.”


A Jaipur Destination Wedding Story | Abhiney+Ruchika

A beautiful Jaipur destination wedding of the duo that set couple goals for us

The couple that loves each other and laughs together even when they’re 90 – that is how Abhiney envisions his life with Ruchika. He knew with certainty that years later people would talk about them as the “real couple that lasted”.

The lively duo met in medical school and for the next five years, life kept throwing them together! They constantly found themselves in the same study groups and friend circles. They went from classmates to acquaintances to friends and finally companions for life. The pair took a leap together — literally for a bungee jump(!) and for life when they decided to get married.

It was a joy to shoot them in their moments of great happiness and celebration. They exude an aura of comfort and understanding with each other. And their tremendous chemistry had us believing in love and forever after!

Abhiney and Ruchika were married at the stunning Fairmont Jaipur in a magnificent celebration. From the Mehendi to the Pool Party, the fun Haldis and the Pheras, the vibe of the wedding was exactly like them, relaxed and naturally chill! Here are a few of our favourite moments from their beautiful wedding.

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This is a Jaipur Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiGoaJaipur, UdaipurKovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Street Style Pre-Wedding Shoot in Chandni Chowk | Piyush & Apurva

Pre-wedding shoot in the vibrant streets of Chandni Chowk

Piyush and Apurva wanted to have a fun and relaxed shoot, choosing the streets of Chandni Chowk over the splendour of famed Delhi monuments and grand hotels. And we were only too happy to grant them their wish! We shot in the busy streets, on the steps of the Jama Masjid, inside the beautiful Haveli Dharampura, and it was absolutely amazing. We love shooting in the streets! It gives us numerous opportunities to play with colours and create wonderful contrasts.

Piyush and Apurva share a brilliant chemistry. They made it so easy to shoot them despite the chaos that is typical of Chandni Chowk. The duo chose to dress in carefully planned and colour coordinated outfits, to be able to stand out despite the bold colours of their surroundings. What got us going was that they weren’t shy about trying things despite being photographed in a public space. We took some beautifully lit intimate shots in the streets while the onlookers stared on! We even got the couple to hop on a cycle rikshaw for a photo-ride of sorts.

Piyush and Apurva had a splendid wedding in November last year. It was exciting to be a part of the grand celebrations and see these two love-birds get hitched. We wish them the very best in their future together!

P.S.: Stay tuned for their wedding pictures!

Chandni Chowk pre-wedding couple shoot
Chandni Chowk street pre-wedding couple shoot
Haveli Dharampura pre-wedding couple shoot in Chandni Chowk
Haveli Dharampura pre-wedding couple shoot in Chandni Chowk

Leap of Faith | A Goa Destination Wedding Story | Sia+Ashu

Sia and Ashu take a leap of faith for life in a splendid Goa destination wedding

When Ashu first saw Sia, he thought that she was simply beautiful. He instantly felt a sort of kinship with her, like she was ‘one of us’. And that is exactly what he told everybody after he met her. He could already see her as a part of his life and family. In Ashu’s words, the decision was ‘a no-brainer’ for him. He knew Sia would become a part of his world seamlessly.

As a couple, they checked all the boxes on each other’s list. Having a partner who valued family was important for Ashu and he found his match in Sia. Both of them are from large, close-knit families, and extremely considerate of their loved ones.

Their friends and family had the most wonderful things to say about them. And the more we listened to them talk, the more we realised that Sia and Ashu were kindred souls – kind, loving and compassionate. Everybody described them individually as people who took care of the people they loved no-matter-what. And that is why, everybody said, that they are perfect for each other.

They got married in the beautiful Grand Hyatt in Goa with celebrations that went on for days. Their friends and family enjoyed the wedding to their fullest and showered them with the best wishes for a happy future as Sia and Ashu made eternal promises to each other.

Here are some of our favourite moments from their Goa destination wedding.

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This is a Goa Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiGoaJaipur, UdaipurKovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Finding THE One: A Delhi Wedding Story | Ayushi+Vikrant

A three-day grand celebration of love in Delhi

Ayushi had been dreaming of the perfect wedding ever since she was a little girl. She had planned everything down to a tee. She knew just how her wedding would be, what she would wear, how she would style her outfits. One could often find her dressed up as a bride, dreaming about her special day. The only thing missing was the right person to take the vows with her, someone who would complete the picture.

Enter Vikrant.

Vikrant wasn’t expecting to fall in love… and, that too, so quickly! He had agreed to meet Ayushi only at his father’s insistence and, boy, was he glad he did! As he tells it, he was ‘totally awed’ when he saw her. He instantly felt like he could be himself with her. What more can a man ask for?

A really lovely conversation later, Ayushi had found the one, and Vikrant found his ‘best buddy’. Two strangers came together and emerged best friends.

Ayushi and Vikrant married in a grand celebration of love. Their family and friends had the time of their lives as the couple made their vows and embarked on their new adventure together.

We loved being a part of this beautiful Delhi wedding. Even though their union started out as an arranged match, they had such beautiful chemistry that it was a pleasure to shoot them together. We wish them the best in their future together! Here are some of our favourite pictures from their three-day grand Delhi wedding.

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Read what Ayushi had to say about her experience with us!

“We chose you as one of my very good friends wanted to have you for her wedding and really recommended you very highly. Then we checked your profile and really liked it. Your work is extremely professional and at the same time you blended in so well with the family that it didn’t seem like we had hired such good artists. And the work was phenomenal, from the photography to the choice of location for the pre-wedding shoot. We thank you for the amazing pictures and hope to have you for all future weddings in our family!”

This is a Delhi Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiGoaJaipur, UdaipurKovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Vinayak and Snigdha from Phototantra celebrate ten years of togetherness

A wedding photographer couple renew their vows in a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by wedding photographer friends.

Vinayak and Snigdha are well known and respected Indian Wedding Photographers, and run the popular wedding photography company known as PhotoTantra. Apart from being great photographers, we count them amongst our closest friends. They’ve been married for ten years now, and I can honestly say their marriage equals #relationshipgoals! They’re absolutely wonderful together and are clearly as much in love today (if not more) as they were when they first decided to tie the knot. Their wedding ten years ago has a great story behind it – one official wedding, one unofficial one – and lots of excitement, fun and laughter thrown in between.

When they decided to celebrate ten years of being together by renewing their vows in the picturesque Two Chimneys, Gethia – surrounded by a very tiny group of close friends, we knew it would be an experience we wouldn’t forget for a while. What made this more interesting was that almost everyone in the tiny guest list of eight people, are wedding photographers! When Vinayak and Snigdha asked us to shoot the wedding (or the vows!), we knew that this was one of those assignments that would be no work, but all play!

The entire ceremony was a homegrown affair – after all, if wedding photographers don’t know how to organise a wedding, then who does? A big shoutout to all our friends who helped make this happen!

The couple: Vinayak & Snigdha, PhotoTantra
The priest: Arjun “Baba” Mahajan, Arjun’s Tryst with the Camera (Side note: If anyone ever needs a priest for a wedding, “Baba” Mahajan is freaking awesome!)
Makeup: Mahima Bhatia, Mahima Bhatia Photography
Cinematography: Prosun Bordoloi, Prism Lens Photography
Photography: Arjun Kartha, Twogether Studios and Mahima Bhatia, Mahima Bhatia Photography
Decor and Wedding Planning: Praerna Kartha, Twogether Studios and Karan Sidhu, Karan Sidhu Photography
Wedding Guest: Ramit Mitra + all of the above!

Photographing a wedding photographer’s wedding can be a challenge in itself; but when you’re photographing a wedding photographer’s wedding surrounded by a group of uber talented wedding photographers who collectively count amongst India’s best wedding photographers is another thing altogether!

Two Chimneys, Gethia is a lovely little property that is perfect for a small intimate ceremony. Vinayak and Snigdha didn’t want to do anything over-the-top, but we would be darned if we were going to let this be anything but a full fledged wedding. The second day started with the alcohol flowing right from the start, the haldi we plastered all over them would have put a Delhi wedding to shame, the spectacular decor by Praerna and Karan, the fun and laughter into the wee hours of the morning – and the love Vinayak and Snigdha had for each other, all helped make this one wedding to remember.

Here are a few images I shot. Vinayak and Snigdha – thank you for asking me to photograph your ceremony – it was a privilege and an honour. I hope you like these images.

– Arjun.

What brings the Tantra in PhotoTantra!

Vinayak didn’t realise how cold the water would be!

Force of habit.

Dumb Charades being taken very seriously.

Or not!

Everyone had a point to make.

The haldi bravely went where no haldi has ever been before!

Mahima doing wedding photography things. Karan doing his best to hold back the laughter that’s about to erupt.

The crew is hard at work!

The bartender, hostess and overall khaana-peena in-charge

Now they know how it feels! Not easy being in front of the camera folks!

They still manage to look adorable though.

Vinayak showing us that he’s been to hundreds of baarats. This is the one to remember!

And so has Karan!

Wow, dancing in a baarat is fun!

A photo of the Tantras.

Proof that I was at the wedding too!


  • Fellow wedding photography peeps make great friends!
  • Amongst us all, I think we knew everything there is to know about planning a wedding.
  • Praerna and Karan are GREAT at organising.
  • Shoutout to Manju from Two Chimneys. She did an awesome job and accommodated all our bizarre requests.
  • Vinayak and Snigdha, I can’t wait for your next 10th year anniversary!



A Destination Wedding in Goa | Ramola + Santosh

A beautiful, intimate wedding by the beach in Goa

Ramola and Santosh had a beautiful, fun, warm and intimate wedding in Goa a few months ago. They are such a lovely couple that we were very excited about being a part of their big day. Ramola knew Arjun in a professional capacity 10 years ago. When we broke away from our 9-5’s and decided to take wedding photos for a living, she told him that she has no idea when she will get married but she had already decided that we would shoot her wedding, wherever it may be. It was so humbling to hear a statement like that and we are so glad that a couple with such beautiful hearts wanted us to capture the most important day of their lives.

Ramola first met Santosh at work, when she moved to Dubai for a job opportunity. Santosh was quite a taskmaster, a workaholic who expected the very best from everyone around him. But somewhere along the way, they became friends and then more.

As she tells it, the first birthday Ramola spent in Dubai was one of the early special memories she has of Santosh and it may well be the turning point! Away from home, her family and friends, Ramola spent an unhappy birthday at work, dreading going home to an empty apartment. But when she came home to find a surprise birthday cake from Santosh, it turned her day around! I guess there was no going back from there.

Both Ramola and Santosh are very close to their families. They wanted to have a wedding where everyone close to them could attend and be a part of their celebration. So Goa was a natural choice, where their respective families from Pune and Bombay could come in and stay with them for the course of a 3-day fun-packed wedding. They decided to host their families and have their wedding at the beautiful Zuri White Sands Resort – booking out most of the hotel so they could enjoy themselves to the utmost degree.

They planned it all, from a grand welcome for the families to a Moroccan themed night with dancers and Hookahs for their Engagement evening; from a combined bride+groom Haldi with pichkaaris and water buckets to a poolside mehendi (which turned into a pool party with everyone jumping into the pool in all their wedding finery); from a Bollywood themed Sangeet Cocktail to a Beach-side wedding, Ramola and Santosh planned it all. They thought of the fun, the time to be spent with their families and the memories that everyone would take away from the wedding. It was all just perfect.

We hope that they will have a wonderful life together and are so very glad that we were able to capture their wedding. Here are a few of our favourites…

(Click on any image to enter slideshow mode).

[tg_thumb_gallery gallery_id=”24908″ width=”325″ height=”325″]

To know more about their wedding, you can take a look at their wedding movie trailer here:

A Lifetime of Happiness ~ Ramola + Santosh from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Goa Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, KovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!