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Field Test: Fuji XH1 at an Indian Wedding

Our first experience at a wedding with the new mirrorless Fuji XH1

We recently got the brand new Fujifilm XH1 from the lovely people at Fujifilm India. To test the limits of what the mirrorless camera can do, we took it for a field test to Rahul and Sanya’s two-day wedding. Although we have shot with a mirrorless camera before, this was our first experience with it at a wedding and we were excited about the prospect of trying it out!

Our experience with the Fuji XH1 was pretty fantastic! The weight of a camera was something we’d never considered to be a factor while shooting before. But the XH1 was so handy and light that shooting all day for two days continuously was no hassle and there was hardly any fatigue. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) was pretty awesome too! We could see what we were shooting while we were shooting it – adjustments to exposure made were visible live in the preview and there was no need to chimp our shots.

What we liked best about using the XH1 was that we didn’t have to re-think our off camera lighting – our existing flash kits worked perfectly and all we had to do was switch out the trigger to one that was compatible with the Fuji. All in all, we were quite impressed with the camera’s performance. We got some really amazing shots of our awesome couple Rahul and Sanya!

Watch Praerna in action with the XH1 in the video below!

Have you tried using the XH1 or any other mirrorless Fujifilm camera? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Do leave us your comments and feedback below.

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