Leap of Faith | A Goa Destination Wedding Story | Sia+Ashu

Sia and Ashu take a leap of faith for life in a splendid Goa destination wedding

When Ashu first saw Sia, he thought that she was simply beautiful. He instantly felt a sort of kinship with her, like she was ‘one of us’. And that is exactly what he told everybody after he met her. He could already see her as a part of his life and family. In Ashu’s words, the decision was ‘a no-brainer’ for him. He knew Sia would become a part of his world seamlessly.

They got married in the beautiful Grand Hyatt in Goa with celebrations that went on for days. Their friends and family enjoyed the wedding to their fullest and showered them with the best wishes for a happy future as Sia and Ashu made eternal promises to each other. Here are some of our favourite moments from their Goa destination wedding.

As a couple, they checked all the boxes on each other’s list. Having a partner who valued family was important for Ashu and he found his match in Sia. Both of them are from large, close-knit families, and extremely considerate of their loved ones.

Their friends and family had the most wonderful things to say about them. And the more we listened to them talk, the more we realised that Sia and Ashu were kindred souls – kind, loving and compassionate. Everybody described them individually as people who took care of the people they loved no-matter-what. And that is why, everybody said, that they are perfect for each other.

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