A Intimate Home Wedding in Delhi with 16 Guests

A proposal in the hills and an intimate wedding ceremony at home – everything about Dakshaa and Rishabh’s story warms our hearts. There’s nothing better than being a part of the story of two amazing people in love. Throw in a pandemic and a small home wedding with 16 guests – and we’re more than game!

Dakshaa and Rishabh were originally scheduled to have a somewhat larger wedding in Delhi with a larger gathering of guests and extended family. When the pandemic struck, nobody really knew what to do and we were more than happy to help the couple the best we could and agreed to wait and watch. However, much to our excitement, the couple decided that #loveovercomes, and decided to go ahead with the wedding with just 16 “must-have” guests, which included their parents, siblings and Naila, their beautiful 4-year old golden Labrador. It was a real privilege to shoot a wedding so intimate and personal that it easily turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences for us. It’s reaffirmed something we’ve always said – it’s not about the size of the wedding, but about who you have around you and how much you enjoy the day.

Here are some of our favourite moments from their wedding day. Also, don’t forget to scroll till the end and see their wedding trailer!

Part 1: Dakshaa’s Getting Ready

Dakshaa’s getting ready was such a warm and loving affair. Surrounded by the people who love her the most, Dakshaa looked really happy. As photographers, we’re so used to making images that “establish” where this happened, and for once, it was such a pleasure to make images in their lovely home.

Looks like Naila’s keeping guard over the precious bridal lehenga.
Time to take a nap while the bride’s getting ready!

Dakshaa’s Mom teared up when she saw her daughter looking like a bride. The moment when a parent sees their child as a bride for the first time is really special and emotional.

Bride getting ready in intimate wedding.
Who’s next?!
This cute moment between Dakshaa and her Mom.

And then it was time for some bridal portraits of our beautiful bride before she walked towards Rishabh and her new life.

Bridal portrait in intimate wedding.
Bridal portrait in intimate wedding.
Bridal portrait in intimate wedding.

Part 2: Rishabh’s Getting Ready

Rishabh’s getting ready was equally as warm and loving with his family. And if you think that 6 people cannot make a baraat, think again! Because this day was not about the number of people who were present but the love of those special ones who wanted to see Rishabh get married to the love of his life.

Since there weren’t any “Dhol Wallahs” we rigged up a bluetooth speaker to play Dhol Beats from YouTube!

Part 3: Wedding

The wedding ceremony was simple yet full of excitment, sentiments and love. The couple exchanged jaimalas (garlands) surrounded by the loved ones and later made promises to each other for life.

Couple in the mandap in an intimate wedding.
Couple take pheras in an intimate wedding.
Sindoor ceremony in an intimate wedding.
A flower shower never gets old!

How could we forget one of the most important members of the family?! Ofcourse we took some portraits with Naila!

How cute is that bow!

Time for some dance and celebration! The family danced under the warm winter sun and basked in the happiness of seeing two people in love finally make promises to be together for life!

Couple dance in an intimate wedding.

The late afternoon brought some gorgeous light that we just had to make some couple portraits before we lost the golden glow. Their happiness definitely shows!

Couple portrait in an intimate wedding.
Couple portrait in an intimate wedding.
Couple portrait in an intimate wedding.
Couple portrait in an intimate wedding.

The vidaai was a tearjerker – even for us. Dakshaa is immensely loved and cherished by her family. So naturally when it was time to say goodbye, there was no dry eye in sight. Vidaai ceremonies don’t usually happen from homes, so this one was even more special and bittersweet for everyone.

Bride vidaai in an intimate wedding.
Bride hugs father goodbye in an intimate wedding.
Bride bids family farewell in an intimate wedding.

Watch their Wedding Trailer here!

We have such fond memories of this wedding – and we wish them all the very best!

Wedding Makers

Makeup: Jasmeet Kapany.
Jewellery: Tholia’s Kuber
Decor: The Embellished Events
Photographers: Arjun Kartha and Nikhil Mishra.
Cinematographers: Anmol Sharma and Mayank Mishra.
Trailer Editor: Anmol Sharma
Photography and Cinematography: Twogether Studios

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