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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts about how Adobe Lightroom has become the default weapon of choice for wedding photographers worldwide for quickly and efficiently sorting and editing thousands of photos from a wedding. I’ve been meaning to write a couple of follow-up posts on the Develop Module, and how you can use presets to speed up your workflow. A quick and easy option to instantly gain access to different looks for your images are to download ready-to-use presets developed specifically for a variety of purposes. We invited Jane Grates from Sleeklens, a company that has a variety of readymade presets available for download – to write a guest post on some of the great presets they offer. 

– Arjun

Save the Date with Adobe Lightroom

by Jane Grates

There are many aspects to consider when we decide to start on this exciting journey of wedding photography: Do I have the necessary equipment? Am I apt for “wedding etiquette” of the event? Where can I learn to be a good wedding photographer?. Many questions that, in some cases, have simple answers, but mostly not.

Certainly, to be a successful photographer, you must be familiarized with this combination of factors:

  • Skills
  • Equipment
  • Creativity

Without the equipment, we couldn’t even talk about wedding photography; despite the well known fact that having a professional camera does not guarantee a quality work – It’s quite common, the scenario where photographers find themselves feeling intimidated if the camera to be used has many advanced features, unknown to the user, or if it is the first time that the photographer in question makes the leap from a point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR model. For that reason, equipment must be equated with our knowledge on this passionate subject; our skills as photographers can certainly make the difference between and precarious work and a job well done.


Whenever people ask me about this debate, I always have the same answer: “I prefer a thousand times to be working with a simple camera, within my range of knowledge, rather than having a professional equipment that I can’t control”. But assuming that the technical training as a photographer is not a problem, creativity may arise as one.

Not so long ago, photographers met the premise of framing memories for a lifetime in a combination of elements that came from dedication to the quality of the material used for processing the images. Today, digital tools and easy access to photographic equipment makes people to believe that this is sufficient to be a good photographer… The reality could not be further away!


Keeping creativity in mind, the digital age has enabled the launch of a new range of possibilities which enhance the quality of the work done: the world of digital post-production.

Certainly, many of us have heard of Adobe Photoshop, digital edition, or even from Adobe Lightroom. The purpose of this guide is not to get into the eternal debate of what software is best, because they meet different objectives and also depends on the convenience of the user at the time of work – I would like to show you, in a brief and concise way, how the photographic post-production can do a lot to our work.

Imagine for a minute that this is our final image


What could we say about this image? First of all, that has a good white balance to the naked eye; It has no exposure problems and has good composition – however, we can go beyond this simple result thanks to Adobe Lightroom.

I will edit this image using a versatile pack of presets and brushes for Adobe Lightroom: “Forever Thine Wedding Workflow” by Sleeklens.

After importing our image in Adobe Lightroom, we can perform different settings depending on our interest. Imagine, for example, that we have to edit a lot of photographs in a few minutes: thanks to the “All-in-One” Presets, it is possible to affect multiple parameters in one simple step, making a professional appearance in seconds!


However, if you are looking for a more independent style, that suits your personal preference, you can create your own editing process step-by-step with the presets offered in the bundle. 112 Wedding Presets will offer you a variety of styles and effects to try in your work, and best of all: in non-destructive interface – any of the settings applied will not change the conditions of the original file.


And what happens if we have to correct imperfections in the skin, or even adjust aspects of makeup or details in our photos? That is not a problem, since this bundle includes 23 high quality brushes for which we can perform customizable local settings – an ideal sidekick for making each editing process a handcrafted and unique piece of work.

06_save_the_dateWith the “Forever Thine Wedding Workflow”, the digital editing process becomes quick, fun and efficient. It is amazing to watch the amount of photos with exposure problems or with lifeless hues that can be recovered by using the tools of digital post-production. And if professional photography is about offering your clients the best in your work, with this pack of Presets and Brushes for Adobe Lightroom you’re one step closer to that goal.

We hope this guide has been to your liking. Good luck and keep editing!


[alert color=”” BLUE=””]Guest post by Sleeklens. All photos credit: Sleeklens. [/alert]

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