A Bikaner Destination Wedding | Nupur+Akshay

Nupur and Akshay had a grand destination wedding in Bikaner surrounded by friends and family amidst a lot of dancing and fanfare.

When Nupur first told us that she was a choreographer and a dancer, we knew this one would be special. Her laugh and vitality told us everything that we needed to know and it told the story of how and Akshay was head over heels in love with her. They married each other last year in a Bikaner destination wedding with celebrations spread across Narendra Bhawan and Laxmi Niwas Palace.

Part 1: The Couple Shoot

Nupur wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot in the same location as the wedding festivities. So we shot both at the Narendra Bhavan Palace and Laxmi Niwas a few months before their wedding. Nupur has such positive energy and enthusiasm that it made the whole shoot really easy for us as photographers.

As we were taking this shot from outside the window, the birds just happened to fly by!

Part 2: Mehendi

The wedding celebrations began with an intimate mehendi ceremony for the bride. The guests arrived the next day and there was a larger mehendi event for both the families. Dance was a very important part of this wedding. Nupur is a choreographer and all her friends also absolutely love dancing, so there was a lot of dancing involved during every event.

Nupur and Akshay enter their mehendi event dancing and amidst a riot of colours.
Nupur’s friends had a special dance performance planned for her!
Once we saw this amazing sunset, we had to get a portrait of our couple.

Part 3: Sangeet night

Sangeet night was a riot of people, colours and dances. One of the most special things about the night was the surprise flash mob and proposal that Nupur had planned for Akshay! Later that night, Akshay surprised Nupur with a heartfelt speech and some dance performances of his own.

Nupur proposes to Akshay with the song ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars!
Akshay talks about his journey with Nupur, making her blush.
Nupur’s brother Bala came down from the dance stage for a step or two with his sister!

Part 4: Haldi ceremony

The haldi event was a beautiful mess! They had separate haldi ceremonies after which both the families came together for one last dance party. Not one person was spared from the haldi splashing once the pooja and main rituals were done.

Nupur with her bride tribe.
The bride’s father performing a fun ritual.
Nupur and Akshay dance together – covered from head to toe in haldi!

Part 5: The Wedding

The wedding took place at the Laxmi Niwas palace. Nupur made her way to Akshay hand-in-hand with her brother and the jaimala ceremony happened amidst the sparkle of fireworks around the couple.

A happy Nupur during her getting-ready process.
Akshay and his Mom dancing in the baraat.
The couple shares a funny moment during the ‘saat-vachan-
The ‘paise do, joote lo’ moment!
The farewell.

A short teaser from their two-day wedding celebrations!

We had a lovely time at Nupur and Akshay’s wedding and wish them an amazing life together. Keep dancing guys!


A Jaipur Destination Wedding | Sagar+Anoushka

A heartwarming Jaipur destination wedding celebrating the union of a lovely couple in the beautiful JW Marriott

Friends that became partners for life – that’s Sagar and Anoushka for you. They met in Oxford a year after they had started talking through a mutual friend. Their story began as the most common but charming beginning of all love stories – as friends. So from there on their relationship progressed into love so naturally that there was no specific ‘moment’ when they decided they wanted to be with each other. It just happened.

Their wedding celebrations took place in the beautiful JW Marriott in Jaipur. We are so glad to have been a part of this Jaipur destination wedding and happy to share our favourite images from their festivities. Don’t forget to scroll down and see their wedding trailer!

Part 1: Pre-Wedding

We shot their pre-wedding on the same property. The couple share easy-going and comfortable chemistry with each other, which we can only assume is the result of years of trust and friendship. We only had to do what we do best – let them be together and wait for the right moments to get some lovely pictures.

Part 2: Haldi, Mehendi and Sangeet

Their wedding festivities began with a fun haldi ceremony. Sagar certainly did not expect his family and friends to go wild and colour him yellow. The mehendi function in the afternoon was lively as everyone danced and participated in kite-flying. The couple arrived with a bang to their sangeet event! Their friends and family held sparklers in their welcome while the duo made an entry hand in hand.

Couple entry to their sangeet in a Jaipur destination wedding
Indian bride sangeet performance in Jaipur destination wedding
Indian groom sangeet performance in Jaipur destination wedding

Part 3: Jaipur destination wedding

The next day, Anoushka walked down the aisle with her father. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and serene in the presence of all their loved ones. What we loved about the couple was that they were so relaxed and chill throughout the two days. They were just happy to be among their family. Sagar and Anoushka’s wedding ceremony was a heart-warming affair with waves of laughter, tears, and lots of love.

Indian baraat in jaipur destination wedding
Indian baraat in jaipur destination wedding
Indian baraat in jaipur destination wedding
Indian bridal portrait in Jaipur destination wedding.
Indian bridal portrait in Jaipur destination wedding.
Indian bridal entry in Jaipur destination wedding.
Bride's sister gets emotional during wedding
Indian wedding photography of jaimala ceremony
Jaipur destination wedding photography

Part 4: Reception

Their reception, soon after, had such a personal, unique touch to it. Anoushka’s father recited a beautifully written poem for his daughter while Sagar’s Mom sang a lovely melody for the newly married couple (watch them both in the trailer at the end).

Watch Sagar and Anoushka make promises for life in this Jaipur destination wedding trailer.

The Wedding Makers

Venues: JW Marriott, Jaipur
Wedding Planner: All That Jazz
Bridal outfit: Manish Malhotra
Makeup: Saniya Shahdadpuri
Photography and Cinematography: Twogether Studios
PhotographyArjun Kartha, Nikhil Mishra, Ankur Dutta, Ronak Verma
Cinematography: Ritesh Arora, Anmol Sharma, Mayank Mishra, Sameer
Wedding Trailer editor:  Ritesh Arora


Finding THE One: A Delhi Wedding Story | Ayushi+Vikrant

A three-day grand celebration of love in Delhi

Ayushi had been dreaming of the perfect wedding ever since she was a little girl. She had planned everything down to a tee. She knew just how her wedding would be, what she would wear, how she would style her outfits. One could often find her dressed up as a bride, dreaming about her special day. The only thing missing was the right person to take the vows with her, someone who would complete the picture.

Enter Vikrant.

Vikrant wasn’t expecting to fall in love… and, that too, so quickly! He had agreed to meet Ayushi only at his father’s insistence and, boy, was he glad he did! As he tells it, he was ‘totally awed’ when he saw her. He instantly felt like he could be himself with her. What more can a man ask for?

A really lovely conversation later, Ayushi had found the one, and Vikrant found his ‘best buddy’. Two strangers came together and emerged best friends.

Ayushi and Vikrant married in a grand celebration of love. Their family and friends had the time of their lives as the couple made their vows and embarked on their new adventure together.

We loved being a part of this beautiful Delhi wedding. Even though their union started out as an arranged match, they had such beautiful chemistry that it was a pleasure to shoot them together. We wish them the best in their future together! Here are some of our favourite pictures from their three-day grand Delhi wedding.

(Click on any image to enter slideshow mode).

[tg_thumb_gallery gallery_id=”25653″ width=”325″ height=”325″]

Read what Ayushi had to say about her experience with us!

“We chose you as one of my very good friends wanted to have you for her wedding and really recommended you very highly. Then we checked your profile and really liked it. Your work is extremely professional and at the same time you blended in so well with the family that it didn’t seem like we had hired such good artists. And the work was phenomenal, from the photography to the choice of location for the pre-wedding shoot. We thank you for the amazing pictures and hope to have you for all future weddings in our family!”

This is a Delhi Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiGoaJaipur, UdaipurKovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


A Destination Wedding in Goa | Ramola + Santosh

A beautiful, intimate wedding by the beach in Goa

Ramola and Santosh had a beautiful, fun, warm and intimate wedding in Goa a few months ago. They are such a lovely couple that we were very excited about being a part of their big day. Ramola knew Arjun in a professional capacity 10 years ago. When we broke away from our 9-5’s and decided to take wedding photos for a living, she told him that she has no idea when she will get married but she had already decided that we would shoot her wedding, wherever it may be. It was so humbling to hear a statement like that and we are so glad that a couple with such beautiful hearts wanted us to capture the most important day of their lives.

Ramola first met Santosh at work, when she moved to Dubai for a job opportunity. Santosh was quite a taskmaster, a workaholic who expected the very best from everyone around him. But somewhere along the way, they became friends and then more.

As she tells it, the first birthday Ramola spent in Dubai was one of the early special memories she has of Santosh and it may well be the turning point! Away from home, her family and friends, Ramola spent an unhappy birthday at work, dreading going home to an empty apartment. But when she came home to find a surprise birthday cake from Santosh, it turned her day around! I guess there was no going back from there.

Both Ramola and Santosh are very close to their families. They wanted to have a wedding where everyone close to them could attend and be a part of their celebration. So Goa was a natural choice, where their respective families from Pune and Bombay could come in and stay with them for the course of a 3-day fun-packed wedding. They decided to host their families and have their wedding at the beautiful Zuri White Sands Resort – booking out most of the hotel so they could enjoy themselves to the utmost degree.

They planned it all, from a grand welcome for the families to a Moroccan themed night with dancers and Hookahs for their Engagement evening; from a combined bride+groom Haldi with pichkaaris and water buckets to a poolside mehendi (which turned into a pool party with everyone jumping into the pool in all their wedding finery); from a Bollywood themed Sangeet Cocktail to a Beach-side wedding, Ramola and Santosh planned it all. They thought of the fun, the time to be spent with their families and the memories that everyone would take away from the wedding. It was all just perfect.

We hope that they will have a wonderful life together and are so very glad that we were able to capture their wedding. Here are a few of our favourites…

(Click on any image to enter slideshow mode).

[tg_thumb_gallery gallery_id=”24908″ width=”325″ height=”325″]

To know more about their wedding, you can take a look at their wedding movie trailer here:

A Lifetime of Happiness ~ Ramola + Santosh from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Goa Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, KovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


A Delhi Wedding Story | Ashna & Nakul

A Big Fat Delhi Wedding

Don’t you just love watching two young people in love? The keyword here being “young”! When we heard how old (or rather, young) Ashna & Nakul were when they decided to get married, we were pretty taken aback. But watching them together changed all of that. Having known each other for a short time, they fell for each other almost instantly and it showed!

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Roposo #WedMeAlready Masterclass at Thai High

Wedding Masterclass: How to look good in your wedding photos

A few weeks ago, we were a part of an exciting event by Roposo called #WedMeAlready, where we met 30 brides from Delhi+NCR for a comprehensive masterclass.

Renowned Delhi-based makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt gave the enthusiastic brides tips and tricks on prepping for their big day and getting the perfect look while we picked up where she left off and told them all they needed to know about their wedding photography & cinematography. In other words, how to look good in their wedding photographs.

As we all know, weddings are essentially about the bride and their pre-wedding jitters are unavoidable. As wedding photographers, we had a blast interacting with them and putting all their fears to rest! The enthusiasm and response from he participants was overwhelming and we wish them all the very best for their respective BIG days!

Here are some of our favourites from the event…


















Thai High fed us a delicious Asian high-tea and QRT even featured us in one of their fun, street-style video! Check it out here:

[tg_youtube width=”700″ height=”” video_id=””]

So #WedMeAlready and hit us up with your questions and comments if you want tips and tricks on looking good in your wedding photos!!


A Destination Wedding in Jagmandir, Udaipur – Anusha & Jay

A Majestic Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Anusha and Jay had a beautiful destination wedding in Udaipur a while ago, spanning the City Palace Complex & the Jagmandir Palace island. It was an intimate wedding of 200 of their closest friends and family. Read more about this beautiful destination wedding in one of the prettiest places to get married in the world!


Priyanka & Rohan: The Big Fat Delhi Wedding

Rohan and Priyanka were married a few weeks ago in Delhi. They had a lovely Delhi Wedding, Baniya-style, spread over 5 days, full of a lot of fun and family banter. Rohan has a humongous joint family and they all reside in a “compound” made up of 4 large buildings – so a small function with only family means a minimum of 70 people!

The couple first met through some common family connections. Rohan was immediately taken by Priyanka but she wasn’t all that enamoured to begin with. But Rohan got it into his head that Priyanka was the only one for him and he pursued her relentlessly until she had no choice but to give in! She knew that such persistence could only mean that he genuinely wanted to be with her, and only her! Somewhere along those three months, her heart melted and she said yes. Finally.

By the time we met them, they were very much in love and very excited to be getting married and spending their lives with each other.

A few days before their wedding, we took them out to get a few couple portraits at Garden of Five Senses. It was a lovely winter afternoon and we had a great time during the shoot.



Some pretty flowers and soft late-afternoon wintry sun made it quite a perfect day…



We just love the open expanse and almost-barren beauty of this venue…



Don’t they look delightfully happy?

The wedding festivities began with the Bhaat at Rohan’s home, followed by a lot of singing, originally composed songs for the wedding and general family fun!





This was followed by the sagan-sangeet function, held at the ITC Maurya in Delhi.



Once the gorgeous bride made her entry, Rohan and everybody else had eyes only for her.



There was a small chunri and godbharai ceremony for Priyanka…



True to tradition, the ceremonies were followed by a sangeet and dance evening. All of Priyanka & Rohan’s cousins, friends, family and even grandmother put up choreographed dances for them.





The next day brought our favourite ceremony, the haldi. It’s usually the most emotional time and also when there is maximum family banter. There are always lovely moments to be captured.



And, of course, the very real possibility of it turning into a haldi holi!




The haldis were followed by the mehendi…




The wedding day began with the afternoon baraat…





While the baraatis did their thing, we managed to get some portraits of our gorgeous bride…



The wedding ceremony took place on a platform built over the pool – it was a large mandap which could accommodate the large family and ensured that everyone had a view.





We managed to sneak them away real quick for a few portraits, before they joined the rest of their family and friends.


As always, the vidaai was a bittersweet moment, waving goodbye to your family and life as you knew it and embarking on a new exciting journey at the same time. There’s rarely a vidaai where we don’t feel a bit teary ourselves!



And so ended Priyanka and Rohan’s lovely wedding – we had such a great time and we wish them all the happiness in the world together.

You can also watch their wedding movie trailer here:

Caught in the moment forever ~ Rohan + Priyanka from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Delhi Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, HaridwarBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New YorkMalaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap

The Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap #makeitstrong

We were so overwhelmed by the amazing response and enthusiasm shown by all photographers during the last two seasons of our Wedding Photography Workshops, we just knew that we had to host a third one – but this time, we wanted to make it bigger and better! And sure enough, The Wedding Photography Bootcamp weekend was bigger, better, more power packed and comprehensive than before. It was an exhilarating experience, interacting with participants from different states and even from outside the country – the participants ranged from young budding photographers to professional wedding photographers with a few years experience!

As some of you may know, we love to talk about wedding photography. And photography in general. We love to share our experiences with fellow peers and our knowledge with those aspiring to do better. We want to reach as many people as possible to expand our market and make it better for everyone – hosting and conducting a workshop is one of the small ways in which we believe we can give back to our community. 

As far as workshops go, we wanted to make ours as demonstrative, interactive and hands-on as possible. While planning the sessions, we decided that we wanted participants to really get a sense of real weddings and shooting in real conditions – we wanted to create an experience that was as close to the real deal as we could. So the only way to do that was to hire a wedding venue, re-create a wedding setup, find models to play the bride & groom and simulate a wedding – right from the couple shoot to the wedding pheras. 

In addition, we had a lot of dynamic and interactive theory sessions to discuss photography styles, techniques and gear, the business of photography along with branding and marketing, simulated client meetings and how to convert leads to confirmed assignments. 

To plan the event, we tried to put in as much thought so that we could cover all our bases! We started with hiring the venue, the lovely Le Meridien Gurgaon, identifying the “ideal” Mandap design+lighting and finding a good Mandap Decorator to execute it for us, hiring good models, selecting the right outfits and accessories for them and, finally, arranging a priest to “conduct” the wedding ceremony. All in all, we put in almost enough work to plan and execute a real wedding!

The bootcamp was an intense combination of dynamic discussions and live shoots. We included 7 live-shoots and simulations, where we demonstrated techniques and gave each participant a chance to shoot their vision of every aspect of a wedding. 

Here’s the lowdown on what we covered and some Behind-The-Scenes photos.

Day 1 began with some general introductions and discussions about wedding photography myths, gear, techniques and couple poses. We simulated client meetings to demonstrate ways of creating a great impression on your clients, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. All of this was followed by the most interactive and dynamic discussions of all – positioning, branding and marketing. Almost everyone was stoked to learn about increasing reach and recall through marketing and social media.





We also spoke about Album Design – why albums are important, how to make the selection and design process more efficient as well as good and not-so-good design practices. Praerna got her chance to wax eloquent on her favourite subject – using stories to create brilliant album design.




Mr.Ranjit Yadav, CEO of Canvera, came in himself to talk about the changing trends in albums, the importance of design and process as well as everything that goes in to delivering a beautiful photo-book full of fond wedding memories. 

After all this theory and discussion, all the tips and tricks, everyone was raring to go out and shoot. We proceeded to the Aravali Bio Diversity Park, Gurgaon, for the first Live Shoot Session: The Outdoor Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot.


We briefed the group on the basics of composition, posing and couple interaction – one of the most important aspects of a successful couple shoot is to make the couple comfortable enough to stop feeling conscious of the camera. It’s important to make them feel relaxed and natural. 



Everyone was divided into groups and they all took turns, giving everyone a chance to try their hand and get feedback on their techniques and manner. 


In addition to basic couple posing, lighting and techniques, we also demonstrated the use of props like coloured helium balloons, coloured smoke etc add some drama to the shots. The idea was to make the experience feel as close to one of our actual Pre-Wedding Couple Shoots. 



Despite the heat of the sweltering day, it seemed like everyone had a great time and went away with some gorgeous shots of the couple in the beautiful surroundings of the Bio-D! 

Day 2 began with an intensive session on photo editing and post processing – using the images shot the previous evening of the Couple Shoot, we demonstrated the basics of photo processing, shared some tips and tricks as well as discussed good workflow for data. Because everyone had images from the previous evening, we could demonstrate the process live on the screen and give them a chance to replicate and learn on their own images with real-time feedback. 



After responding to the myriad questions regarding post-processing, we moved on to the real deal. The “getting ready”, boudoir shoot and bride+groom portraits. Le Meridien had secured their Presidential Suite for us to be able to demonstrate how this shoot takes place in a “real” situation, i.e. the bride & groom getting ready in a hotel suite, with the ambience to boot. 

A quick briefing on posing and lighting formed the prelude of this session before we let everyone take turns in getting their shots. 

Aaaaaand, we jump right in to the action. This is one of our personal favourite parts of a wedding shoot and it seems that all the participants shared our enthusiasm. 



It was followed by some couple portraits in all their wedding finery and, finally, the exciting wedding ceremony shoot – complete with mandap and priest! We realise that the mandap forms the centrepiece of any Hindu wedding and never forget to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a beautiful mandap. We tried to create one which would make a lovely backdrop to the wedding ceremony without intruding upon the real story, that of the bride and groom. We carefully chose a minimal design and enhanced it with soft lighting and our beloved mirchi lights! We truly think that these inexpensive but beautiful lights are every photographers’ favourite! 


We briefed the priest to demonstrate all the high points of a Hindu Arya Samaj wedding without actually marrying the model couple off! 

akp-44 As always, we divided them up into groups and gave them all a chance to experiment with getting their shots and shared live feedback, tips and tricks with them.


We rounded it all up with a full group photograph of everyone who attended and was a part of making the Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 a great success. 
akp-28We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to host and conduct more of these Wedding Photography Bootcamps! To know when the next one is scheduled, subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the top right corner, and stay tuned to the Facebook Page for updates and details.

Here are some of the actual photographs we took over the two days of the workshop.

DAY 1 – Pre-wedding Shoot!









DAY 2 – Boudoir Photography







Couple portraits before the wedding!




And last but not the least, the actual wedding ceremony!




We thank everyone who came, everyone who helped put it together and, of course, our lovely partners, Le Meridien Gurgaon and Canvera.

All behind-the-scenes photos credit Vidhi Bharadwaj/Thoda Strong. 

[box title=”Credits”]

Credits – Day 1

Venue: Le Meridien, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot Location: Aravali Bio-Diversity Park Gurgaon

Models: Priya & Sahil
Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Priya) and Dhruv Vaish (for Sahil)
Jewellery: Malleka from Nimai , Shahpur Jat
Makeup & Hair: Kabir and Sangeeta – The Beauty Brigade

Credits – Day 2

Location: Le Meredien , Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Models: Priya and Sahil
Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Priya) and Dhruv Vaish (for Sahil)
Jewellery: Vasundhara Mantri from Nimai, Shahpur Jat
Makeup & Hair: Kabir and Sangeeta – The Beauty Brigade


Event Partners:

Venue & Hospitality Partner: Le Meridien, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Print Partner: Canvera


Arjun Kartha Photography organises Wedding Photography Workshops and Wedding Photography Seminars from time to time. To stay updated with future events, subscribe to our blog (using the box on the top right corner) or subscribe to our Facebook Page


Basics of Photography session with IBM

Photography Session with IBM

Talking about photography – especially to photography enthusiasts is always fun! In case you didn’t know, before opening up a photography studio and starting my photography business – I used to work in the marketing department of the famous IT biggie – IBM. When IBM got in touch with me recently to come in and give a session on Basics of Photography to amateur and budding photographers in the organisation, I knew it would be something interesting. What better than being invited to your old working space to talk about what you love the most!

It was overwhelming to go back to my old office and meet old colleagues and some new lovely people too!
IBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of Photography

The session was lively and energetic and it was great to receive so many questions and queries about photography from the IBM people and had great fun discussing them.

IBM Basics of Photography

Seeing the spread of the popularity of Photography and DSLRs becoming cheaper and easily accessible, we decided to start with the history of photography and how cameras came into being and then went onto discuss the basic functions of the camera.

IBM Basics of Photography

With the demonstration on the camera, we discussed the basics like exposure triangle,including ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography


IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography

To explain the basic elements in detail , we also conducted a live shoot and explained the basics of off-camera lighting! We were lucky to have a pretty model in the audience 🙂

IBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography

IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography

IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography

We also discussed the importance of Composition and Framing in detail and additional fun things to do with the camera and different lenses such as forced perspective!

IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyDiscussing rule of thirds along with examples!

IBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography        Talking about the upcoming Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016!IBM Basics of Photography
IBM Basics of PhotographyA little token of appreciation from the IBM folks!
IBM Basics of Photography

Of course, no session on photography is complete without the group photo in the end! 

IBM Basics of PhotographyIBM Basics of Photography

Its always great fun to share my knowledge and experiences with new enthusiastic people! Hope to spread the love of photography amongst more and more people 🙂


All photos credit-  Ashu Kalra/Thoda Strong.