A Destination Wedding in Goa | Ramola + Santosh

A beautiful, intimate wedding by the beach in Goa

Ramola and Santosh had a beautiful, fun, warm and intimate wedding in Goa a few months ago. They are such a lovely couple that we were very excited about being a part of their big day. Ramola knew Arjun in a professional capacity 10 years ago. When we broke away from our 9-5’s and decided to take wedding photos for a living, she told him that she has no idea when she will get married but she had already decided that we would shoot her wedding, wherever it may be. It was so humbling to hear a statement like that and we are so glad that a couple with such beautiful hearts wanted us to capture the most important day of their lives.

Ramola first met Santosh at work, when she moved to Dubai for a job opportunity. Santosh was quite a taskmaster, a workaholic who expected the very best from everyone around him. But somewhere along the way, they became friends and then more.

As she tells it, the first birthday Ramola spent in Dubai was one of the early special memories she has of Santosh and it may well be the turning point! Away from home, her family and friends, Ramola spent an unhappy birthday at work, dreading going home to an empty apartment. But when she came home to find a surprise birthday cake from Santosh, it turned her day around! I guess there was no going back from there.

Both Ramola and Santosh are very close to their families. They wanted to have a wedding where everyone close to them could attend and be a part of their celebration. So Goa was a natural choice, where their respective families from Pune and Bombay could come in and stay with them for the course of a 3-day fun-packed wedding. They decided to host their families and have their wedding at the beautiful Zuri White Sands Resort – booking out most of the hotel so they could enjoy themselves to the utmost degree.

They planned it all, from a grand welcome for the families to a Moroccan themed night with dancers and Hookahs for their Engagement evening; from a combined bride+groom Haldi with pichkaaris and water buckets to a poolside mehendi (which turned into a pool party with everyone jumping into the pool in all their wedding finery); from a Bollywood themed Sangeet Cocktail to a Beach-side wedding, Ramola and Santosh planned it all. They thought of the fun, the time to be spent with their families and the memories that everyone would take away from the wedding. It was all just perfect.

We hope that they will have a wonderful life together and are so very glad that we were able to capture their wedding. Here are a few of our favourites…

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To know more about their wedding, you can take a look at their wedding movie trailer here:

A Lifetime of Happiness ~ Ramola + Santosh from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Goa Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, KovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


A Delhi Wedding Story | Ashna & Nakul

A Big Fat Delhi Wedding

Don’t you just love watching two young people in love? The keyword here being “young”! When we heard how old (or rather, young) Ashna & Nakul were when they decided to get married, we were pretty taken aback. But watching them together changed all of that. Having known each other for a short time, they fell for each other almost instantly and it showed!

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A Destination Wedding in Udaipur | Avantika & Samir

An Intimate, Fun-Filled Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Avantika & Samir chose to be married in Udaipur, away from the hustle-bustle of Delhi. The intimate wedding was attended by their closest friends and family and was tailored to suit their taste and personality.

They also chose to do away with the usual palace wedding and picked an off-beat resort, nestled amidst the majestic hills of Rajasthan, close to a forest reserve. Two days full of good food, good wine and excellent company made for a fabulous wedding. They had a Marwari style wedding, full of lots of little rituals, family banter and laughter. From camel, elephant and chariot entrances to a Jaimala over the pool, they thought of it all.

But, being in Udaipur, we couldn’t resist the charm of stepping into the City Palace for a quick round of couple portraits!

Here are a few of our favourites from their lovely wedding…








































Avantika & Samir had a beautiful destination wedding and we enjoyed every minute of it. We wish them all the happiness together.

This is an Udaipur Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, HaridwarBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New YorkMalaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap

The Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap #makeitstrong

We were so overwhelmed by the amazing response and enthusiasm shown by all photographers during the last two seasons of our Wedding Photography Workshops, we just knew that we had to host a third one – but this time, we wanted to make it bigger and better! And sure enough, The Wedding Photography Bootcamp weekend was bigger, better, more power packed and comprehensive than before. It was an exhilarating experience, interacting with participants from different states and even from outside the country – the participants ranged from young budding photographers to professional wedding photographers with a few years experience!

As some of you may know, we love to talk about wedding photography. And photography in general. We love to share our experiences with fellow peers and our knowledge with those aspiring to do better. We want to reach as many people as possible to expand our market and make it better for everyone – hosting and conducting a workshop is one of the small ways in which we believe we can give back to our community. 

As far as workshops go, we wanted to make ours as demonstrative, interactive and hands-on as possible. While planning the sessions, we decided that we wanted participants to really get a sense of real weddings and shooting in real conditions – we wanted to create an experience that was as close to the real deal as we could. So the only way to do that was to hire a wedding venue, re-create a wedding setup, find models to play the bride & groom and simulate a wedding – right from the couple shoot to the wedding pheras. 

In addition, we had a lot of dynamic and interactive theory sessions to discuss photography styles, techniques and gear, the business of photography along with branding and marketing, simulated client meetings and how to convert leads to confirmed assignments. 

To plan the event, we tried to put in as much thought so that we could cover all our bases! We started with hiring the venue, the lovely Le Meridien Gurgaon, identifying the “ideal” Mandap design+lighting and finding a good Mandap Decorator to execute it for us, hiring good models, selecting the right outfits and accessories for them and, finally, arranging a priest to “conduct” the wedding ceremony. All in all, we put in almost enough work to plan and execute a real wedding!

The bootcamp was an intense combination of dynamic discussions and live shoots. We included 7 live-shoots and simulations, where we demonstrated techniques and gave each participant a chance to shoot their vision of every aspect of a wedding. 

Here’s the lowdown on what we covered and some Behind-The-Scenes photos.

Day 1 began with some general introductions and discussions about wedding photography myths, gear, techniques and couple poses. We simulated client meetings to demonstrate ways of creating a great impression on your clients, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. All of this was followed by the most interactive and dynamic discussions of all – positioning, branding and marketing. Almost everyone was stoked to learn about increasing reach and recall through marketing and social media.





We also spoke about Album Design – why albums are important, how to make the selection and design process more efficient as well as good and not-so-good design practices. Praerna got her chance to wax eloquent on her favourite subject – using stories to create brilliant album design.




Mr.Ranjit Yadav, CEO of Canvera, came in himself to talk about the changing trends in albums, the importance of design and process as well as everything that goes in to delivering a beautiful photo-book full of fond wedding memories. 

After all this theory and discussion, all the tips and tricks, everyone was raring to go out and shoot. We proceeded to the Aravali Bio Diversity Park, Gurgaon, for the first Live Shoot Session: The Outdoor Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot.


We briefed the group on the basics of composition, posing and couple interaction – one of the most important aspects of a successful couple shoot is to make the couple comfortable enough to stop feeling conscious of the camera. It’s important to make them feel relaxed and natural. 



Everyone was divided into groups and they all took turns, giving everyone a chance to try their hand and get feedback on their techniques and manner. 


In addition to basic couple posing, lighting and techniques, we also demonstrated the use of props like coloured helium balloons, coloured smoke etc add some drama to the shots. The idea was to make the experience feel as close to one of our actual Pre-Wedding Couple Shoots. 



Despite the heat of the sweltering day, it seemed like everyone had a great time and went away with some gorgeous shots of the couple in the beautiful surroundings of the Bio-D! 

Day 2 began with an intensive session on photo editing and post processing – using the images shot the previous evening of the Couple Shoot, we demonstrated the basics of photo processing, shared some tips and tricks as well as discussed good workflow for data. Because everyone had images from the previous evening, we could demonstrate the process live on the screen and give them a chance to replicate and learn on their own images with real-time feedback. 



After responding to the myriad questions regarding post-processing, we moved on to the real deal. The “getting ready”, boudoir shoot and bride+groom portraits. Le Meridien had secured their Presidential Suite for us to be able to demonstrate how this shoot takes place in a “real” situation, i.e. the bride & groom getting ready in a hotel suite, with the ambience to boot. 

A quick briefing on posing and lighting formed the prelude of this session before we let everyone take turns in getting their shots. 

Aaaaaand, we jump right in to the action. This is one of our personal favourite parts of a wedding shoot and it seems that all the participants shared our enthusiasm. 



It was followed by some couple portraits in all their wedding finery and, finally, the exciting wedding ceremony shoot – complete with mandap and priest! We realise that the mandap forms the centrepiece of any Hindu wedding and never forget to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a beautiful mandap. We tried to create one which would make a lovely backdrop to the wedding ceremony without intruding upon the real story, that of the bride and groom. We carefully chose a minimal design and enhanced it with soft lighting and our beloved mirchi lights! We truly think that these inexpensive but beautiful lights are every photographers’ favourite! 


We briefed the priest to demonstrate all the high points of a Hindu Arya Samaj wedding without actually marrying the model couple off! 

akp-44 As always, we divided them up into groups and gave them all a chance to experiment with getting their shots and shared live feedback, tips and tricks with them.


We rounded it all up with a full group photograph of everyone who attended and was a part of making the Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 a great success. 
akp-28We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to host and conduct more of these Wedding Photography Bootcamps! To know when the next one is scheduled, subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the top right corner, and stay tuned to the Facebook Page for updates and details.

Here are some of the actual photographs we took over the two days of the workshop.

DAY 1 – Pre-wedding Shoot!









DAY 2 – Boudoir Photography







Couple portraits before the wedding!




And last but not the least, the actual wedding ceremony!




We thank everyone who came, everyone who helped put it together and, of course, our lovely partners, Le Meridien Gurgaon and Canvera.

All behind-the-scenes photos credit Vidhi Bharadwaj/Thoda Strong. 

[box title=”Credits”]

Credits – Day 1

Venue: Le Meridien, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot Location: Aravali Bio-Diversity Park Gurgaon

Models: Priya & Sahil
Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Priya) and Dhruv Vaish (for Sahil)
Jewellery: Malleka from Nimai , Shahpur Jat
Makeup & Hair: Kabir and Sangeeta – The Beauty Brigade

Credits – Day 2

Location: Le Meredien , Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Models: Priya and Sahil
Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Priya) and Dhruv Vaish (for Sahil)
Jewellery: Vasundhara Mantri from Nimai, Shahpur Jat
Makeup & Hair: Kabir and Sangeeta – The Beauty Brigade


Event Partners:

Venue & Hospitality Partner: Le Meridien, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Print Partner: Canvera


Arjun Kartha Photography organises Wedding Photography Workshops and Wedding Photography Seminars from time to time. To stay updated with future events, subscribe to our blog (using the box on the top right corner) or subscribe to our Facebook Page


Canada to India – A Mumbai Wedding Photography Story: Juhi + Akshay

A Mumbai Wedding Photography Story

As Wedding Photographers, we think that wedding photography is truly a delightful thing – every single time we shoot a wedding, we find a new story. It keeps us motivated, fascinated and raring to meet the next couple and hear their story. And, of course, be a part of documenting and telling their wedding story.

In the case of Juhi & Akshay, we saw once again that two people can fall in love across immense geographical barriers. When they first got in touch, Juhi lived in Canada and Akshay in Chandigarh, India. A chance internet encounter through a mutual friend turned into long Facebook chats, then emails and phone calls over a period of months before they actually met. When they finally did, they just knew that this was for real and they had no choice but to be together.

A few more cross-continent meetings and one very romantic proposal in Bombay later, they set a date. The wedding was to be held in Bombay, as that’s where Juhi’s family is from.

Mumbai wedding photography means wanting to walk away with great photos from a couple shoot! So when we first reached Bombay for their wedding, we couldn’t resist taking some couple portraits at the iconic Gateway to India.



Mumbai wedding photography is always fun! We had to arrive at the Gateway of India really early to avoid the hordes of people that are usually there!


On an aside, here’s a funny story. We first met Akshay when he came to attend our Wedding Photography Workshop in 2014. Lo and behold, a year later he came down from Chandigarh to meet us and tell us about his wedding. He was so impressed by the workshop that he just had to have us shoot his wedding! This felt like the biggest compliment and success story from that workshop and we just couldn’t resist sharing it as we gear up for the AKP Wedding Bootcamp 2016!

Getting back on track, the wedding festivities started with Juhi’s mehendi ceremony – held at her family home in Bombay.



The mehendi was followed by the tilak and chunari ceremonies…




The best part about shooting Juhi & Akshay as a couple was definitely their ever-ready smiles, for each other and for the camera. It was just such a great pleasure.




The wedding day began with their respective haldi ceremonies.





The haldi ceremony is one of our favourites – the fun moments with siblings and cousins makes our day.



We loved the fact that both Juhi & Akshay had picked complimentary outfits, paying attention to the small, but important, details…










And finally, here comes the happy bride…


This Mumbai wedding photography story concluded at the lovely ISKON temple.  Their beautiful wedding took place in the ISKON Temple complex in Juhu, amidst their closest family and friends…





We managed to sneak them away for a few quick portraits before it was time to say goodbye.



And, finally, they drove off into the night towards their Happily Ever After!


We loved being a part of their wedding – it was full of fun, laughter and family camaraderie! We wish them a very happy married life together.


This is a Bombay Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, HaridwarBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New YorkMalaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


An Indian Destination Wedding in Sheraton, Hua-Hin, Thailand

A Destination Wedding Photography story

Hong Kong based investment banker ties the knot with Dubai based advertiser in a destination wedding in Hua Hin Thailand – a true global-desi wedding, if ever there was one! The bride tells us how it all came together, in her own words.


How we met

Anool is a Hong Kong-based investment banker turned HR Head for a Swiss private investment solutions company with a very soft spot for me. I am a creative thinker, co-founder of a Dubai based advertising company, lover of kathak and my big fat family. We met at a friend’s wedding in Cebu, Philippines but it all really started when we both missed our respective flights back home. Initially both of us thought nothing of it but, despite the distance and time difference, our similar interests and attraction towards each other made us come together. Our very first phone call will always be a memorable one (it lasted close to three hours) and, like many other long distance couples, we have paid a fortune in exorbitant phone bills and flight tickets.

Anool surprised me with a proposal in Mumbai, where he had brought both sets of parents together and asked my father for his permission before going down on one knee. Even though everything was moving quite fast, it felt right. Being with Anool felt right and I accepted his proposal.

Our Destination Wedding Venue

We both wanted a destination wedding by the beach at a resort where family and friends from both sides can come together with no distractions so that they could cherish all the functions and have the time of their lives. We narrowed it down to Thailand so that it could be relatively central for our guests from UAE, Hong Kong and India. We looked at many venues in Kao Lak, Phuket, Bangkok and more but none of them fit our requirements like The Sheraton, Hua Hin. It is a spectacularly beautiful resort with direct access to the beach, oceanfront lawn venues, and a lovely lagoon pool which runs through the entire property. The ballrooms were just the right size to accommodate our friends and family, they have chefs from across the globe to handle all of our complicated food requests and a whole bevy of warm and friendly staff. There were plenty of vendors to choose from in Bangkok so it was convenient for them to be available at Hua Hin and for us to coordinate with them.

Our Destination Wedding – Functions and Themes

We had a big, fat Sindhi wedding with great pomp and fanfare. A lot went into planning it – both families took multiple trips to Thailand to finalise the decor, food and the logistics for everything. Even though we had hired a great wedding planner, we all took personal interest to stay on top of things and maintain a personal touch with all our vendors. Both, Anool and I, are very detail oriented and wanted to be involved in everything.

The wedding theme was something that took us a lot of time to come up with. We wanted something that had a flow to it, and could give meaning and substance to all our functions. We finally decided upon “Seasons of Love”, i.e. (White) Winter Engagement, Summer Mehendi, Monsoon Sangeet, Spring Pheras and an Autumn Reception. These seasons and colours were reflected in the decor, in the food menu and even our outfits for each and every function.

One of the most special part of our wedding decor was that we wanted to always get married in a Thai-type temple structure and that was made possible by Oriental Events.

And we are delighted that our photography team, Arjun Kartha Photography, was able to capture the beauty of our wedding with their unique destination wedding photography. They made us very comfortable and were fun and friendly to work with.

indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-1indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-3indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-8indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-11indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-13indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-16indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-18 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-19 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-20 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-21indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-27 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-24 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-31 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-35indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-36 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-41 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-42indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-43 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-47indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-48indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-50 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-57 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-60 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-64 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-66indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-55indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-51 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-52 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-59 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-65 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-67indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-70 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-71 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-73 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-75 indian-destination-wedding-hua-hin-78

Wedding Shopping

Wedding shopping is always the most stressful aspect of a destination wedding – we made multiple trips to Mumbai for a lot of our things including our outfits as well as outfits for our families. Although we used a few different designers, Anool and I generated a lot of our own ideas and details which were beautifully executed by them. The planning and shopping phase lasted the course of a year but it went by like a breeze. It gave us even more time to work together on the wedding like a project, gain a deeper understanding into each other and our respective families. It brought everyone closer together and this beautiful phase will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Wedding Makers

Designers for Taruna: Nova Krishnan, Rubina,  Shantanu & Nikhil
Designers for Anool: Just Men,  Badasaab, Seema Mehta, Brandy & Co.
Planners & Decor: Rimjhim Events & Oriental Events
Music & Entertainment: DJ Manoj Punjabi, Trav Saxsingh Panesar (Sax), Anish Percussionist, Rodney (Singer Performer), Anushka Manchanda (Singer Performer), Paul Veer & Gursewak Singh (Dhol)
Cinematography: Doodle Studio
Destination Wedding Photography: Arjun Kartha Photography

This article first appeared on Wedding Sutra – you can view the original article here


A New Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Kanchan+Piyush, Taj Vivanta, Gurgaon

As Wedding Photographers based in Delhi, it’s always fun to shoot a wedding right in our backyard! Kanchan and Piyush got married earlier this year in a grand, three day wedding at Taj Vivanta. Kanchan and Piyush first met at work in Auckland, where they both lived. In fact, for both of them, it was more like a part time/ summer job, while Kanchan was still 17 and Piyush was already at University. As Kanchan tells it, she was pretty awestruck with this Uni kid who showed an interest in her! They clicked together instantly, in so many ways. But they only realised how important their connection was when Kanchan moved to Sydney. Something seemed to be missing for them both, until Piyush decided to make the move to Sydney as well. From what we saw of the couple, it was a brilliant decision on Piyush’s part! 

After dating each other for about 8 years, when Kanchan & Piyush decided to get married, it seemed like the natural choice to have the wedding in India. Even though both their parents’ live in Auckland and Sydney, the rest of the extended families were in India. It was a great way to be amidst them all for their big day(s) and also somehow feel like it was a destination wedding since they were all based in the hotel!

We met up with the couple a few days before the wedding events started to get some relaxed portraits with them. They were totally stoked for the shoot and happy to pose for as long as we wanted, which is always a pleasure! They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and always had a ready smile for us and, more so, for each other. Here are a couple of our favourites from the session. 
D7K_0398-Edit D4D_9893 D75_4076D4D_0349

Having spent such a lovely evening with them, we couldn’t wait to get started on their wedding. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long. The events kicked off with a milni, where both sides of the families met and greeted each other. 

D4D_0526 D75_4268 D4D_0451 D75_4167-Edit


Next day, the fun started with Kanchan’s mehendi  – she began first, surrounded by her closest friends and family. This is one of the most fun times for us to shoot because of all the banter between them all – it’s a great time to capture some intimate moments as well as fun girly portraits and group pictures.



D7K_1250-Edit D4D_0927

The mehendi function was followed by a ring ceremony & sangeet.


Piyush’s family decided that this was as good a time as any to have a mini baraat – they brought on the dhol and showed the ladkiwallas who’s boss! 



Piyush’s mom and sister performed a short sringar ritual on Kanchan before the couple exchanged their rings…







Once the traditions and ceremonies were taken care of, it was time to party! there was lots of cake, cocktails and dancing. And we enjoyed every second of it.




We snuck them away for a few portraits before the night ended, of course.

D4D_1944 D4D_1739 DSC_9325

Next day, there were a series of rituals and poojas on both sides of the family, including Sagri & Jaago. For a short while, Piyush’s family came in to join the festivities on Kanchan’s side.




Even though most of the rituals on Kanchan’s side followed their Sindhi tradition, the family has a lot of Punjabi friends. So the night ended with an impromptu Punjabi sangeet, with all the friends singing traditional Punjabi wedding songs and boliyaan. And of course, there was more dancing.

D4D_2866 D75_5624


Finally. The wedding day is here. Piyush’s face just says it all, how he just can’t wait to be married to Kanchan!



Kanchan too, couldn’t suppress her excitement. 

D4D_3269 D4D_3228


D7K_1425 D4D_3609

Piyush’s family brought the baraat in full swing! 



The couple read out their vows in English and their genuine excitement at making those vows brought a smile to everybody’s face. 


We snuck them away for a few more portraits, right after the wedding, before they got caught up with all their guests and well wishers. 



For the vidaai, Piyush had arranged a little surprise for Kanchan — a vintage car to whisk her away in! You can totally see how pleased she was with this unexpected gesture. (It may even have distracted her from the emotion and nostalgia while bidding her parents farewell..!)



The wedding was a lovely one – very well thought out and personal. We really enjoyed being a part of it and, as always, are delighted to have found more friends in the couple and their family.

We wish them all the very best for their married life.

Hear Kanchan and Piyush talk about their story in their own words by watching their wedding movie trailer below…

Best Friends & Lovers ~ Kanchan + Piyush from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Delhi Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Haridwar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Pune Wedding Photography Story: Shampa + Matthias

An India-meets-Germany Wedding Photography Story in Pune, Bengali style

As wedding photographers, it’s always great fun to travel – and Pune is always one of our favourite places to be in! Shampa & Matthias had a lovely 3 day wedding in Pune a few months ago. It was truly a multi-cultural wedding with a lot of participation from both their Indian and German friends + family.

Even though Shampa is originally from Pune, she has lived in Frankfurt (Germany) for many years and which is where she met Matthias for the first time. Currently they both live in Frankfurt. They were introduced by a common friend — they met for the first time at a wine bar and discovered that they actually live on the same street. Well, initially Shampa didn’t believe Matthias. When he offered to walk her home the first time, stating that he lived on the same street, she thought he was pulling a fast one and just making it up to spend more time with her. Fortunately, she took it as a compliment and things just went from there!

Around 30 of their German friends and family flew down to Pune for the wedding. They were very excited to be a part of the festivities and learn choreographed dances to Bollywood songs for the Sangeet cocktail evening. So Day 1 began with a welcome lunch and a round of dance practice.






With famed German efficiency (and the help of 1 choreographer + dance practice videos + beer and some encouragement from the couple), they caught up with the dances that the Indian cousins and friends had already been practicing for days! Apparently, when the friends had been asked in Germany whether they would like to learn a few dances, only a handful of them had volunteered. But once they saw how much fun it could be, they got into the spirit and almost everybody participated in at least one song, if not more! 

The evening was a relaxed cocktail for friends and family to get to know each other better — a leisurely evening with good wine, food and music. 







The next day brought on some more dance practice and mehendi for all the ladies, while the men were whisked off for beer-and-biryani to another location! 






Before the mehendi, there was a short blessing ceremony for the bride, which almost always makes the family emotional…







The evening brought on the dancing for real, and everyone pulled it off with great panache…









The wedding day began with the sehra bandhi & the making of the bride…









Matthias was definitely the most enthusiastic dulha (groom) we have ever seen. He was very excited to be seated on the ghodi (horse) and danced along with all the baraatis from his perch!






The ceremony took place in the Bengali style…




The bride’s mother translated most of the happenings to German so that all the guests could follow…







The wedding was followed by a reception dinner…




Matthias was a great sport with the joota chhuppai! After the requisite amount of negotiation, Shampa’s cousins walked away with some cool winnings…  



On this high note, we wish Shampa & Matthias all the very best and hope they have a wonderful married life together…

To hear more about their story, in their own words, do watch the trailer of the wedding movie we made for them below:

Happiness ~ Shampa + Matthias from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Pune Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Haridwar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Karishma + Aditya

A New Delhi Wedding Photography Story

Picking up from Karishma & Aditya’s Engagement in Delhi, last year, we were so excited to be a part of their wedding this year. Despite being an “arranged” match, they hit it off instantly.

To think, Aditya almost didn’t agree to meet Karishma the very first time because he was worried that a Delhi girl just won’t be able to adjust to life in Bombay. We’ve heard this Delhi-Bombay tussle many times before, right? Thankfully his Dad paid no attention and booked him on the flight to Delhi, giving Aditya absolutely no chance to back out. All it took was one meeting for these two to fall head-over-heels in love. Yes, it’s true. They will tell you themselves in the wedding movie we made for them (at the end of the post).

Even during the engagement, they couldn’t keep their thoughts, eyes or hands off each other. They share such a lovely chemistry that it was a real pleasure to spend time shooting their special day. During the wedding, it was lovely to see that their chemistry was stronger than ever and this Delhi-meets-Bombay match was one of our favourites from this past season. 

The wedding was an elaborate 3-day affair in Delhi, with both families staying at the Taj Palace Hotel. It had all the elements of a destination wedding, right in the heart of our lovely city. Ample time and space for both families and sets of friends to spend quality time together, bonding them together in a way that only “big-fat-Indian-weddings” can manage. 

The wedding festivities began with Karishma’s mehendi and a laid-back mehendi lunch at the hotel. 



The interaction between the couple is always such a pleasure to watch – their happy and newly-in-love expressions never fail us!




Of course, we made time on this lovely afternoon to sneak them away for a few portraits…






The evening was a traditional Punjabi sangeet, with folk singers, dances, boliyan and jaaggo by the family. We really love it when “urban” families reenact these traditions, even if it is all in fun.






Always fun when the cousins take over the dhol!




How could we let the couple get away without a few portraits!



Once the families had recuperated the next day, the evening brought on the ring ceremony and the cocktail party – full of music, dances and more family fun.










Next day came our favourite part — the haldi and chooda ceremonies — this is when we get to witness and capture the most family banter and emotion.










That moment when the bride’s parents realise it’s time to let their little girl go… 



Banter between cousins is always high up on our list of favourite moments…



Evening brought about the making of our beautiful bride…





The sehra and baraat




The wedding began with the jaimaala, where Karishma totally won the tussle!!




As usual, we snuck the couple away for a few portraits before the guests descended upon them…




The ceremony followed shortly after…




The saat vachan (vows) always bring about much laughter!




The tearful vidaai



And the final relieved photo — the wedding is FINALLY over. And the couple has officially been declared man and wife!


The wedding was lovely and we really enjoyed being a part of it. Hear more of Karishma and Aditya’s story from them by watching their wedding video below…

Bombay – Delhi Love ~ Karishma + Aditya from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.


This is a Delhi Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Haridwar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Gulveen + Angad

A Gurudwara Wedding in the heart of New Delhi – A Delhi Wedding Photography Story

Gulveen & Angad have been friends for almost their entire lives. Who would have thought that an innocent childhood friendship would turn into something deeper and mature? We loved being a part of their beautiful wedding – they are officially one of the most happy-looking couples we have ever shot, always on the verge of a smile or a laugh and we lapped up every second of it! 

Shying away from the sentimental and romantic side of a couple shoot, they preferred something more whimsical. So that’s what we gave them! 






Their wedding was literally a four day long party – among close friends and family, great food and drink, dancing and banter.








The mehendi day and evening was a little more relaxed and intimate…















The wedding was held at the GK 1 Pahadi Walla Gurudwara. In fact, the choice of venue was very special to Gulveen & Angad. They visit the same Gurudwara together every single Tuesday ever since they got together.


















The wedding festivities were rounded up with a grand reception party at the Kempinski







We are so excited to have been a part of their beautiful, fun and laughter filled wedding. We wish them the very best for the rest of their married lives! 

This is a Delhi Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Haridwar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!