Leap of Faith | A Goa Destination Wedding Story | Sia+Ashu

Sia and Ashu take a leap of faith for life in a splendid Goa destination wedding

When Ashu first saw Sia, he thought that she was simply beautiful. He instantly felt a sort of kinship with her, like she was ‘one of us’. And that is exactly what he told everybody after he met her. He could already see her as a part of his life and family. In Ashu’s words, the decision was ‘a no-brainer’ for him. He knew Sia would become a part of his world seamlessly.

As a couple, they checked all the boxes on each other’s list. Having a partner who valued family was important for Ashu and he found his match in Sia. Both of them are from large, close-knit families, and extremely considerate of their loved ones.

Their friends and family had the most wonderful things to say about them. And the more we listened to them talk, the more we realised that Sia and Ashu were kindred souls – kind, loving and compassionate. Everybody described them individually as people who took care of the people they loved no-matter-what. And that is why, everybody said, that they are perfect for each other.

They got married in the beautiful Grand Hyatt in Goa with celebrations that went on for days. Their friends and family enjoyed the wedding to their fullest and showered them with the best wishes for a happy future as Sia and Ashu made eternal promises to each other.

Here are some of our favourite moments from their Goa destination wedding.

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This is a Goa Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiGoaJaipur, UdaipurKovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


A Destination Wedding in Goa | Ramola + Santosh

A beautiful, intimate wedding by the beach in Goa

Ramola and Santosh had a beautiful, fun, warm and intimate wedding in Goa a few months ago. They are such a lovely couple that we were very excited about being a part of their big day. Ramola knew Arjun in a professional capacity 10 years ago. When we broke away from our 9-5’s and decided to take wedding photos for a living, she told him that she has no idea when she will get married but she had already decided that we would shoot her wedding, wherever it may be. It was so humbling to hear a statement like that and we are so glad that a couple with such beautiful hearts wanted us to capture the most important day of their lives.

Ramola first met Santosh at work, when she moved to Dubai for a job opportunity. Santosh was quite a taskmaster, a workaholic who expected the very best from everyone around him. But somewhere along the way, they became friends and then more.

As she tells it, the first birthday Ramola spent in Dubai was one of the early special memories she has of Santosh and it may well be the turning point! Away from home, her family and friends, Ramola spent an unhappy birthday at work, dreading going home to an empty apartment. But when she came home to find a surprise birthday cake from Santosh, it turned her day around! I guess there was no going back from there.

Both Ramola and Santosh are very close to their families. They wanted to have a wedding where everyone close to them could attend and be a part of their celebration. So Goa was a natural choice, where their respective families from Pune and Bombay could come in and stay with them for the course of a 3-day fun-packed wedding. They decided to host their families and have their wedding at the beautiful Zuri White Sands Resort – booking out most of the hotel so they could enjoy themselves to the utmost degree.

They planned it all, from a grand welcome for the families to a Moroccan themed night with dancers and Hookahs for their Engagement evening; from a combined bride+groom Haldi with pichkaaris and water buckets to a poolside mehendi (which turned into a pool party with everyone jumping into the pool in all their wedding finery); from a Bollywood themed Sangeet Cocktail to a Beach-side wedding, Ramola and Santosh planned it all. They thought of the fun, the time to be spent with their families and the memories that everyone would take away from the wedding. It was all just perfect.

We hope that they will have a wonderful life together and are so very glad that we were able to capture their wedding. Here are a few of our favourites…

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To know more about their wedding, you can take a look at their wedding movie trailer here:

A Lifetime of Happiness ~ Ramola + Santosh from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Goa Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, KovalamBangalore, Mumbai, PuneKochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New York, Malaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur, Thailand, Hua Hin etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


A Destination Wedding in Kovalam, Kerala | Paro + Dhruv

A beautiful beach-side wedding at The Leela, Kovalam

Paro & Dhruv had a beautiful, intimate wedding in Kovalam last year. They both live in Singapore but, because their respective families live in India, they decided to have the ceremony and other celebrations here. Many of their friends & colleagues from Singapore flew down to attend the wedding, which was full of personal little details thought out by the bride and groom themselves.

The couple had one clear objective — have the time of their lives, surrounded by their closest friends and family. As destination wedding photographers, we thought that the destination they chose provided a gorgeous background to do it!

Here are some of our favourites from their wedding…































They thought of everything – along with little personalised bottles of Toddy, they remembered to give out packs of Party Smart to counter the effects of the night! It was an incredibly fun wedding and we’re so glad to have been a part of it.

We hope you like their photos as much as we do. Leave us your comments below to tell us what you think!

This is a Kovalam (Kerala) Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, HaridwarBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New YorkMalaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


Delhi’s Big Bachelorette Party by For My Shaadi

Mission Bachelorette or Mission Wedding? Either way, For My Shaadi helps you figure it out at Delhi’s Biggest Bachelorette Party, Ever!

For My Shaadi, India’s only Wedding Registry website put together a fantastic evening for brides-to-be and their friends at Tabula Beach Cafe. Not only did they throw a Bachelorette-themed party, they brought in everyone a bride may need to plan her wedding, or her friends may need to plan the bachelorette. From venue partners, liquor partners, wedding & party planners, to feminine gifting ideas, decor and gifting specialists, makeup artists and wedding photographer, i.e. yours truly.

They had naughty bachelorette games, impromptu dance classes, pretty giveaways and a fun Photo Booth.

As wedding photographers, it was refreshing to “attend” a wedding related party rather than shooting it. It was great fun interacting with so many brides-to-be and hobnobbing with other biggies from the wedding fraternity.

Here are a few of our favourite photos from the event…
















Here’s to the most fun bachelorette we’ve been to!


A Destination Couple Shoot in Jaipur | Vedika & Raghav

Vedika and Raghav’s couple shoot was one of the more fun ones for us. Together with the couple, we planned their shoot weeks in advance. We did a save-the-date session with them in Delhi and a full fledged pre-wedding couple shoot in Jaipur, at The Fairmont hotel.

It was a lovely getaway and Vedika planned the outfits down to a T. We did quite a few sessions, with outfit changes in between, exploring different parts of the hotel with every series. Needless to say, the property provided an excellent backdrop for the shoot and all our planning paid off. We tried to make the very best of the light and it came together beautifully.  Continue Reading


6 of the Most Fun Pre-Wedding Couple Shoots

I know we’ve spoken and written about how much we love weddings and wedding photography. All the colour, the emotion, the moments and the joy – it’s all out there, just waiting to be captured for posterity. And we enjoy every second of it, despite the unpredictability and lack of control over the environment.

The only aspect that we probably enjoy more than the actual wedding is the pre-wedding shoot. They’re wonderful for so many reasons – it gives us a chance to spend some extra time with our couples, getting to know them better and allowing them to become more comfortable with us and the camera. An ice breaker, of sorts. We can take photos in an environment that is a little more controlled than an actual wedding. We get to try out fun and new concepts – push ourselves to do something a little differently than our existing photos.

Here are some of our favourite pre-wedding shoots in recent times. We hope you like these photos as much as we do.


Gulveen and Angad were one of the most enthusiastic couples that we have ever shot. We spent ages with them discussing the kind of shots and look they wanted. Outfits, concepts, props – the works. This was the star shot of the session and remains one of our favourites till date.


Vedika and Raghav were another couple who dedicated a lot of time towards their couple shoot. We took ourselves off to Jaipur for the weekend to get some photographs at The Fairmont. Even though we had planned many different sessions, at different parts of the property, with different outfits and looks, even we were taken aback by how everything came together in this shot. The light, the colours, the moment. It’s anther one of our favourites.


For Priyanka and Arun, we did a post-wedding shoot instead of a pre. The day after their wedding in Chennai, we took ourselves off to Mahabalipuram with the couple and all their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Having spent a few hours walking along the beach and taking some of our stock favourite poses,we came across this Volleyball net – just our luck that the couple were game and didn’t mind messing up their outfits for the shot. In fact, after this shot, we even talked the whole bridal party to jump into the pool and trash their dresses!


Juhi & Akshay had a lovely wedding in Bombay earlier this year. Neither of them live in Bombay and so they wanted an iconic landmark in the backdrop. And what better landmark than the Gateway. We reached early in the morning and had a ball taking shots at the location, specially all those with the pigeons. We actually got shooed off by all the folks who come in early morning to feed the pigeons! What with all our running and clapping, the pigeons just wouldn’t stay still for more than a minute!


Adrienne & Vinay were one of our earlier international weddings, but still one of our favourites – this was in Brooklyn in a converted industrial barn near the Gowanus Canal. It was such a pretty, eccentric neighbourhood that we chose the same area for their couple shoot. We found abandoned old-fashioned ice-cream trucks, colourful walls and this bridge over the canal. As soon as we saw it, we couldn’t resist this shot. As always, the happy couple was willing to go along with our mad-hatter schemes!


I know that this isn’t strictly a pre-wedding couple shoot, but it is one of our favourites. Simran and Ankush were married in a Gurudwara outside of their wedding resort. While heading back from the Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding) towards the resort for the wedding lunch, we spotted these empty fields on the way and just had to ask them to pause their vintage car ride to come get a few pictures with us. We began with some classic DDLJ-esque photos in the field, but couldn’t resist adding an element of fun to the shoot with these jump shots!

These are some of our favourites and we hope you like them as much as we do.

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Roposo #WedMeAlready Masterclass at Thai High

Wedding Masterclass: How to look good in your wedding photos

A few weeks ago, we were a part of an exciting event by Roposo called #WedMeAlready, where we met 30 brides from Delhi+NCR for a comprehensive masterclass.

Renowned Delhi-based makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt gave the enthusiastic brides tips and tricks on prepping for their big day and getting the perfect look while we picked up where she left off and told them all they needed to know about their wedding photography & cinematography. In other words, how to look good in their wedding photographs.

As we all know, weddings are essentially about the bride and their pre-wedding jitters are unavoidable. As wedding photographers, we had a blast interacting with them and putting all their fears to rest! The enthusiasm and response from he participants was overwhelming and we wish them all the very best for their respective BIG days!

Here are some of our favourites from the event…


















Thai High fed us a delicious Asian high-tea and QRT even featured us in one of their fun, street-style video! Check it out here:

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So #WedMeAlready and hit us up with your questions and comments if you want tips and tricks on looking good in your wedding photos!!


A Destination Wedding in Udaipur | Avantika & Samir

An Intimate, Fun-Filled Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Avantika & Samir chose to be married in Udaipur, away from the hustle-bustle of Delhi. The intimate wedding was attended by their closest friends and family and was tailored to suit their taste and personality.

They also chose to do away with the usual palace wedding and picked an off-beat resort, nestled amidst the majestic hills of Rajasthan, close to a forest reserve. Two days full of good food, good wine and excellent company made for a fabulous wedding. They had a Marwari style wedding, full of lots of little rituals, family banter and laughter. From camel, elephant and chariot entrances to a Jaimala over the pool, they thought of it all.

But, being in Udaipur, we couldn’t resist the charm of stepping into the City Palace for a quick round of couple portraits!

Here are a few of our favourites from their lovely wedding…








































Avantika & Samir had a beautiful destination wedding and we enjoyed every minute of it. We wish them all the happiness together.

This is an Udaipur Destination Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, HaridwarBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Brooklyn New YorkMalaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!


A Destination Wedding in Jagmandir, Udaipur – Anusha & Jay

A Majestic Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Anusha and Jay had a beautiful destination wedding in Udaipur a while ago, spanning the City Palace Complex & the Jagmandir Palace island. It was an intimate wedding of 200 of their closest friends and family. Read more about this beautiful destination wedding in one of the prettiest places to get married in the world!


Priyanka & Rohan: The Big Fat Delhi Wedding

Rohan and Priyanka were married a few weeks ago in Delhi. They had a lovely Delhi Wedding, Baniya-style, spread over 5 days, full of a lot of fun and family banter. Rohan has a humongous joint family and they all reside in a “compound” made up of 4 large buildings – so a small function with only family means a minimum of 70 people!

The couple first met through some common family connections. Rohan was immediately taken by Priyanka but she wasn’t all that enamoured to begin with. But Rohan got it into his head that Priyanka was the only one for him and he pursued her relentlessly until she had no choice but to give in! She knew that such persistence could only mean that he genuinely wanted to be with her, and only her! Somewhere along those three months, her heart melted and she said yes. Finally.

By the time we met them, they were very much in love and very excited to be getting married and spending their lives with each other.

A few days before their wedding, we took them out to get a few couple portraits at Garden of Five Senses. It was a lovely winter afternoon and we had a great time during the shoot.



Some pretty flowers and soft late-afternoon wintry sun made it quite a perfect day…



We just love the open expanse and almost-barren beauty of this venue…



Don’t they look delightfully happy?

The wedding festivities began with the Bhaat at Rohan’s home, followed by a lot of singing, originally composed songs for the wedding and general family fun!





This was followed by the sagan-sangeet function, held at the ITC Maurya in Delhi.



Once the gorgeous bride made her entry, Rohan and everybody else had eyes only for her.



There was a small chunri and godbharai ceremony for Priyanka…



True to tradition, the ceremonies were followed by a sangeet and dance evening. All of Priyanka & Rohan’s cousins, friends, family and even grandmother put up choreographed dances for them.





The next day brought our favourite ceremony, the haldi. It’s usually the most emotional time and also when there is maximum family banter. There are always lovely moments to be captured.



And, of course, the very real possibility of it turning into a haldi holi!




The haldis were followed by the mehendi…




The wedding day began with the afternoon baraat…





While the baraatis did their thing, we managed to get some portraits of our gorgeous bride…



The wedding ceremony took place on a platform built over the pool – it was a large mandap which could accommodate the large family and ensured that everyone had a view.





We managed to sneak them away real quick for a few portraits, before they joined the rest of their family and friends.


As always, the vidaai was a bittersweet moment, waving goodbye to your family and life as you knew it and embarking on a new exciting journey at the same time. There’s rarely a vidaai where we don’t feel a bit teary ourselves!



And so ended Priyanka and Rohan’s lovely wedding – we had such a great time and we wish them all the happiness in the world together.

You can also watch their wedding movie trailer here:

Caught in the moment forever ~ Rohan + Priyanka from Arjun Kartha Photography on Vimeo.

This is a Delhi Wedding Photography Story. As Indian wedding photographers we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places in India like DelhiChandigarhJaipur, Udaipur, HaridwarBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and so on. Weddings have even taken us overseas to beautiful destination wedding photographyspots like Brooklyn New YorkMalaysia, Langkawi, Kaula Lampur etc. Read each Indian Candid Wedding Photography story to know how it all happened!