A Goa Destination Wedding | Nikita+Divyanu

A Goa destination wedding set on the backdrop of a dreamy beach, perfect weather, and two best friends for life

Best friends that became partners for life. That’s our crazy, amazing, energetic, powerhouse couple Nikita and Divyanu. They got married in a big and beautiful Goa destination wedding in ITC Grand surrounded by their family and friends.

Nikita and Divyanu met in college, became friends, and stayed friends long after graduation. Everyone who knew them could see their chemistry and how great they were together. Even they knew that they were the best of friends – they cared for and supported each other and through the years they came to trust each other. So naturally, when it came to choosing life-partners, Nikita and Divyanu chose their best friends, they chose each other.

When we shot Priyanka’s wedding about five years ago, we had no idea that half a decade later we would also be shooting her sister Nikita’s wedding. And to top that off, just after this wedding, we were also part of Priyanka’s sister-in-law, Sunandini wedding!

Part 1: Delhi and Goa Pre-Wedding

We had two pre-weddings for the couple! Their amazing chemistry comes through right at the first minute you see them together. We shot a super-fun and casual save-the-date for them at Divyanu’s gorgeous house. It was a fun day running around with the duo, playing basketball, and cuddling with Divyanu’s dog. Divyanu had a small movie room with a projector in their house; we decided it would be fun to project some graphics on the couple and shoot them there.

Here’s a small snippet from their pre-wedding in Delhi.

When we reached Goa, we didn’t want to let go of the opportunity of getting some pictures of the two together by the sea, so we planned a quick pre-wedding session a day before their wedding festivities began.

Prewedding couple shoot in Goa
Goa prewedding couple photoshoot

Part 2: Sangeet

The sangeet was packed with some amazing dance performances. When Nikita and Divyanu dance together, their chemistry is just electric!

Bride in Manish Malhotra sangeet outfit for her wedding celebration

Part 3: Haldi Ceremony

Divyanu had the craziest, and we mean in a good way, haldi ceremony we have ever seen! His friends and cousins could hardly wait for the pooja before they started the haldi wars and the flower showers. Nikita’s haldi ceremony was the same. Her friends and family had a lot of fun colouring her and she got her revenge on them too.

Groom haldi ceremony in Delhi
Happy bride haldi Goa wedding
Goa destinaton wedding bride haldi portrait

Part 4: The Wedding

Their wedding day was gorgeous with clear skies and the beautiful scenery of ITC Grand Goa. Nikita had the most beautiful sunset bridal entry and the mandap set on the beach made it all dreamy.

Indian bride in Sabyasachi lehenga for Goa destination wedding
Indian bride in Sabyasachi lehenga for Goa destination wedding
Indian bride in Sabyasachi lehenga for Goa destination wedding

Part 5: Reception at A Dot, Delhi

The party didn’t end there. If you know the Guptas and the Khandelwals, you would know that they certainly know how to party! They had a grand reception in Delhi at A Dot to welcome Nikita into the family.

The Wedding Makers

Venues: ITC Grand Goa, A Dot by GnH
Wedding Planner: Siddhi Vinayak Events by Bhavani
Nikita’s outfits: Punit Balana (Pre-wedding), Divyam Mehta (Mehendi), Manish Malhotra (Sangeet), Sabyasachi (Wedding), Shantanu and Nikhil (Reception)
Divyanu’s Outfits: AjeX (Mehendi & Sangeet), Diwan Saheb (Wedding), Heritage (Reception)
Make-up: Niketa Kaur
Hair: Lawang Tamang
Jewelry: Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewelers
Photography and Cinematography: Twogether Studios
PhotographyArjun Kartha, Nihareekaa Kaur, Ronak Verma, Rohit Kason, Sunil Gautam
Cinematography: Ritesh Arora, Mayank Mishra, Sameer


What’s in My Bag | Cameras and Lenses for Indian Wedding Photography

If I had to talk about one question that I get the most as a wedding photographer, it would be “What camera do you use?” I am not even going go into the whole “the photographer makes the image, not the camera” debate, because let’s face it – while your skill behind the camera is what it’s all about, but the equipment you have with you makes a big difference on a shoot.

We know that Indian weddings are days and sometimes week-long affairs. And as photographers, my instinct is to pack up everything I own and take the whole studio along. But of course, I can’t do that. Why? Because most of the times, we travel by air to wedding destinations and so it’s important that what we carry fits in the overhead luggage compartment and is also within the weight limitations of hand baggage. Secondly, let’s say the wedding venue or pre-wedding location is huge. Traipsing along hill and dale carrying a twenty-kilo backpack is for army commandos; clearly not for me. So comfort is important.

So, what’s in my bag? Read on to see what I usually carry for most of my assignments.


I use the Fujifilm XT3. It’s light, fast and does everything I want it to brilliantly! It has a great auto-focus and lovely form factor with major settings via just 3 dials. The colours come out amazing and I really love the image quality I get with this camera. Also, the electronic viewfinder lets me shoot what I see as is. I usually shoot with two XT-3 bodies, it’s easier to just change cameras with different lenses on, than struggle with changing lenses on one camera during a crucial moment. You never know what can happen at a wedding, so having a back-up camera is always a good idea.


Fuji 16mm f/1.4 R

This is my preferred weapon of choice while shooting a haldi! It is perfect for getting everything in one frame – the hands, reactions of the family, haldi being smeared on the bride/groom. This lens is brilliantly wide and never lets me down! If I had to choose just one lens to shoot the wedding, this would be it. My go-to for just about everything!

Fuji 56mm f/1.2 R

This is perfect for those dreamy getting ready shots and bridal portraits. The lens is great for portraits and has amazing frame compression.

Fuji 35mm f/1.4 R

This one needs to be used well as it doesn’t offer much maneuvering while shooting. Prime lenses aren’t flexible but still quite amazing for bridal shoots and getting ready shots.

Fuji 8-16 f/2.8 R

No sangeet performance is ever complete without this lens for me! It gives you a grand vista of performances and I’m sure to come out with striking images with this one! The super-wide allows for creative photography but needs to be mastered well, so be careful with this one. It can cause distortions and is not a good idea while intending to shoot close-ups or the bride.


Off-camera flash is my bread and butter. I really believe that the ability to shape light well makes you a much better photographer. I carry a bunch of flashes, currently two Godox AD200 Pros which I use in a variety of manners and a Godox V1 for everything else.

Godox X1 and the X-Pro triggers work great on the Fuji system to trigger the flashes. The flashes themselves have in-built receivers so don’t need anything additional to pop them.


This one is a no-brainer. I always carry a LOT. I usually travel with two memory cards wallets full of Sandisk Pro 300 MBPS memory cards. You never want to run out of memory while shooting a wedding, especially when shooting in RAW. And since you never know how much, or what a wedding will bring, always carry more than you think you will need. One tip I would like to give all photographers out there is to invest in multiple medium-sized memory cards (32 gigs or 64) instead of one larger one. This limits the loss of data in case your card gets corrupted or malfunctions.


If my light stands could talk, they’d be screaming about the conditions I put them through! They fall over all the time, are put in water, get perched at precarious angles and get thrown about in airline check-ins. I’ve often lost, broken and/or forgotten my light stands. Which is why I use local unbranded (and cheap) stands because they do what I need them to without burning a hole in my pocket.


I use all sorts of light modifiers, but the one system that has stayed with me the longest is the Magmod system which includes the grid, gels and the flash diffuser. The Magmods are ridiculously easy to use in the field and are just about awesome. I also use the Godox AD200 with a beauty dish, and I swear by it!

So that’s it! That’s what’s in my bag! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding my gear or any other products you need advice on. I’m always happy to help out!




Arjun Kartha Wedding photography Bridal portrait Mussoorie India

Bridal Portraits: How to shoot in a crunched timeline

Tips for shooting bridal portraits when you have just under five minutes

If you’ve shot even one Indian wedding, you know how chaotic and unpredictable they are. And if there’s anything we have learned in a decade of shooting weddings, it’s that anything can happen on a wedding day. Even the best-planned timelines can run late. The sweet one hour that your bride promised you for her portraits, could very well change to only 5 minutes. Now you can complain and blame the next person you see for putting a dent in your plans, or you can buck up and plan ahead so that you deliver the amazing bridal portraits you promised your bride. After all, that’s what we’re here for right? Creating beautiful images from the wedding that our couples and their families will cherish years from now, no matter what happens.

We’ve broken down our game plan into four simple tips to follow. Follow them calmly and we promise you will nail those portraits even if you have five minutes to get it done!

#1 Prepare beforehand and recce the location thoroughly

This one has a lot of moving parts, so we’ll get right to it. The basic is of course, while you’re waiting for the bride to get ready – and you know this is a LOT of time – move around and recce the location for good spots. Keep in mind that the location you finalise should NOT be too far from where the bride is because if you have just five minutes, you don’t want to spend all of them walking over to the location and then getting only a minute for one shot.

The next thing to figure out is your lightmap based on your location. Are you shooting in the bride’s room, outside, in the dark at night, in early or harsh daylight?  Whatever the situation is, keep your light set-up ready beforehand. Place one of your team members as the subject, test the shot and have it ready before the bride is. Remember, you have only 5-10 minutes to get some amazing bridal portraits, so don’t waste the time by setting up your light after the bride comes.

#2 Keep a few go-to poses in your mind

When you know you don’t have much time in hand, you know it’s also definitely not the time to experiment with poses. Don’t waste the time you do have to get your bride into some complicated set-up. With time running out and stress levels running high, your job is to keep things simple and worry-free for your bride. You also don’t want to draw up a blank on directing her when she’s ready for her portraits. A photographer who doesn’t know what to do doesn’t really inspire confidence. So have a basic list of 4-5 easy-to-do poses burned in your mind. Of course, if you get your safety shots and are still left with a few minutes, go ahead and experiment a little. But do get your basics done first.

#3 Be clear and direct with your instructions

We know we keep emphasising about time, but that’s exactly what this post is about. If you only have a few minutes, know that the bride will also be in a hurry. So be clear and precise with your instructions. Tell your bride exactly how to want her to stand, where to place her hand, which direction to look in and what facial expression to go for. Be direct, but keep your tone relaxed and friendly. Your bride will be stressed enough as it is, and you don’t want to add to her tension. Now if you have #2 from above sorted, you will know how to guide the bride as well.

#4 When in trouble, keep your bag of tricks handy

If after going on a recce, you find out that the location is not that gorgeous, then it’s time to pull some tricks out of your bag. First, see if there are any of the usual techniques that you can use for a portrait. Are there any trees, tall plants or flowers around for a shoot-through image? Have you been lucky with time and there’s an amazing sunset you can use for a silhouette shot? Any water fountain or reflective body around for a reflection shot? If it’s the middle of the day and the light is harsh, can you think of an interesting contrast image? Or how about playing with shadows, or planning high-key shots with a large blank wall? If nothing in your surroundings inspire you, then fall back on your bag of trinkets. We have always suggested that photographers keep a few things handy to add an element into a photograph if the location is not encouraging. Anything from battery powered fairy lights and shiny pom-poms to mirrors, lens balls, and prisms can do the trick. Our bag of these little devices has always saved the day in a hot spot.

So there you go! Our two cents about shooting a bride when you have just 5 minutes. Remember to keep a calm exterior first and foremost, even if you’re panicking on the inside. Your demeanor and calmness will help the bride stay positive and the session will go much smoother and be more rewarding. Tell us what you think about our tips and if you think there’s anything else we can add to the list, do let us know!


Video Data Storage Workflow: How we do it

Our video data storage workflow and some tips to keep in mind while making one for yourself

Storing and organising data is a huge part of managing a wedding photography studio. It must seem like our work ends the moment we make the delivery to the client, but there is so much more in between this process and even after that. All the data that we have from a wedding has to be managed and stored somewhere. And this is where a data storage workflow comes in. It’s very important to have a workflow because without it you won’t know which data is stored where. A workflow establishes a uniform treatment of all data and makes sure that the data isn’t irresponsibly lost. So it’s very easy to track anything at any point in time.

We’ve spoken in detail about the importance of a workflow in our previous posts. Of course, for that, we need reliable and robust tools that can store and protect our data. It’s not a question of if, but when a hard drive fails. So having a storage device that we trust to keep our data safe is very important. As a studio, we have an average of 2 to 3TB of data per wedding. Multiply that by 20-30 weddings in a year, and that generates about 80-100TB of data. All this data needs to be managed and stored efficiently. Now we have spoken about our photography workflow in two of our previous posts. So this time around we thought we’d give you an idea of what our video workflow looks like. Let’s dive into our data management workflow and take you into our process.

#1 On the Field – From cards to LaCie Mobile Harddrive

The first step on the field is to copy your data from the memory cards to your hard drive. Now, this is a very tricky situation as your data is a little vulnerable until you can get back to the studio and make another copy. So the LaCie Mobile Drive helps us quickly transfer our data from the cards. It’s built for rough use and helps transfer the data quickly via USB-C while we’re on the field. It’s a high capacity portable storage device that we highly trust to keep our data safe.

#2 Data Back-Up in Studio – Seagate Backup Plus Hub

The next step in our workflow is backing up the data from each wedding. Once we’re back in the studio, there’s only one copy of the wedding data and that makes us a little nervous. So the idea is to get more backups in place quickly. As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts, our mantra is “3,2,1”. There are 3 copies of the data that is transferred onto 2 mediums (hard drives and a cloud backup) and 1 of those copies is kept at a different location from the rest (say 1 at the studio, 1 copy at home). So in case there’s an accident at one of the locations, at least the data is safe at the other backup.

We have massive amounts of data, as you know, that needs to be managed, stored and archived very efficiently. This is where the Seagate Backup Hub Plus comes in. It has a huge storage space and the data transfer rate is great. Plus, it has two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel. So we can plug in another flash/hard drive in case all the ports in our computer are busy. Once plugged in the hub, the drives can be accessed as if they were plugged directly into the computer.


Of course, with so many wedding projects open at a point of time, we also need to know how much data is stored and where. So for this, you need to have a master list of all the data stored. So that if anyone needs to access anything from a wedding, all they need to do is open that master list and check where the data is kept. We also strictly make sure that only a handful of people are responsible for copying and keeping the list updated. So if one person is copying one wedding’s data on the field, the same person will also be responsible for backing up and updating the sheets once we’re back in the studio. This ensures less error and loss of data.

#3 Studio Edits – Lacie D2 Professional

Once all the data is backed up, it’s time to get into editing mode! For this, we use the LaCie D2 professional. We could go on and on about the drive’s technical specifications but we’re not one to go deep into the technicalities of the product. What is of importance to us is how it functions and how it can help us work more efficiently. And the D2 does help us work faster and much much more efficiently. It has definitely made our editors’ life easier. At any given time, we have 3-4 projects open and the LaCie’s storage capacity helps keep them all in one place. The D2 also has a USB-C/Thunderbolt port and as compared to a regular hard drive, it does work with the speed of thunder. Our Premiere Pro projects run more smoothly and with less lag and waiting time. The storage device has definitely become a very important part of our workflow.

Our policy as a studio is to store all the data we’ve ever shot. Which of course requires not only a massive but also efficient and reliable storage unit. And it’s our responsibility to archive everything for possible use in the future. Or just in case a client needs it again. Seagate understands our predicament and helps us to what we do best without worrying about data loss. Once we deliver the project to the client, the updated project files are backed up in the Seagate Backup Plus drive again and the data remains stored in perpetuity.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of a good and systematic workflow. In the absence of one you can lose video data, have difficulty in locating them, duplicate data, and these are definitely not good for your business. Of course, you probably already have a system in place. Now you just have to identify the weak spots and devise a system for it. But start today, if you haven’t already!

If you have any questions about our process or need help devising one, do let us know in the comments. We would love to help you out!

Disclaimer: This post has been written in association with Seagate International but the opinions are strictly our own.



5 Bridal Lehengas that we’re loving!

Our Favourite Bridal Lehengas

After shooting and being a part of so many fantastic and fun weddings, we can’t help but notice the beautiful and elaborate Bridal Lehengas worn by our brides. We are always fascinated by their stories about finding “the one” — all the thought, planning and research that goes into finding their perfect bridal lehenga. Inspired by their stories, we decided to do go down the memory lane and choose some of the lehengas that we loved on our brides. As photographers, we picked up the colours and styles that look best in wedding photographs and, obviously, makes the bride stand out!

#1 Classic Red

Since the day we shot this wedding, we cannot stop drooling over this elegant masterpiece by Sabyasachi. A timeless classic, this one perfectly suits Indian Brides – across seasons, skin tones and body types. The simple choli complements the heavily embroidered lehenga skirt and dupatta. As a colour, red never disappoints and always stands out in photographs. Our lovely bride, Sanya, looked gorgeous in this lehenga!

Indian bride portrait wedding photography Twogether Studios

#2: Floral Elegance

This gorgeous pink floral bridal lehenga, paired with a sheer dupatta is one of our favourites! It looks rich and almost ethereal. Even though the colours are subtle and the design simple, it photographs beautifully! We’re totally digging the entry of florals into mainstream bridal wear. Our bride Paayal looked enchanting in this floral pink lehenga. It’s subtle and dazzling, all at once and is perfect for a day wedding.

#3: Bold and Beautiful

Although purple is not the traditional bridal colour, we are immensely inspired by our beautiful bride Nandini’s choice. Diametrically opposite from the usual gamut of reds and similar coloured bridal outfits, this bold outfit stands out in the sea of reds, pinks and oranges. Nandini looks absolutely stunning in this Sabyasachi creation. The striking colour is a guaranteed head turner!

#4 Glittering Gold

Without venturing too far from the classic bridal colours, we loved Vidya’s choice of gold for her wedding lehenga! The lehenga is a lovely combination of a modern, flattering silhouette and exquisite Sabysachi embroidery. The combination looks gorgeous in photographs and we got some pretty incredible portraits of our gorgeous bride.


#5 Vibrant Mulitcolours

If you cannot make a decision in terms of colour and design for your wedding lehenga, you don’t have to! Enjoy the best of all worlds by choosing a multicolour lehenga like our bride Isha! She looked lovely in this vibrant design at her Mussoorie wedding!

While the Classic Red Lehenga wins more times than any other kind, we also love the choices of brides out there who are not afraid to wear something unusual. The ones who want something to suit their personalities more perfectly and something to stand apart from the crowd. From a  photography point of view, we will always love vibrant colours like red, fuchsia, orange, but we are also great fans of unusual combinations. If styled and accessorised well, we believe that even subdued whites, creams, golds and pastels can stand out in the crowd. We love it when the brides are not afraid of stirring the pot a bit!

What was your choice of bridal outfit for your wedding day? Let us know in the comments!


A Delhi Wedding Story | Anuroop+Kabir

A journey of loyalty and deep faith that led to a heartwarming celebration of love in a Delhi wedding

You know it’s love when you cannot imagine your life without a person, no matter what the distance or situation is. Kabir and Anuroop’s journey is one of adoration, loyalty, and deep faith. They got married in Karma Lakelands in one of the most heartwarming and beautiful celebrations of love we’ve shot this year.

Kabir has lived in Australia his whole life but was always connected to his Punjabi roots. That’s what attracted him about Anuroop – that she was also so in touch with her culture and religion. Love and marriage meant everything to them. And they truly believed that a larger divine force brought them together. See our favourite moments from this Delhi wedding below.

Part 1: Pre-wedding in Neemrana

We had a great time shooting them for their pre-wedding in the royal Neemrana Hillfort Kesroli. They were so comfortable and in love with each other that all we had to do was press that shutter button.

Neemrana pre-wedding couple shoot in India.
Neemrana pre-wedding couple shoot in India.
Around sunset, we decided to drive out into the fields behind the Hill Fort and take some pictures of the duo there.
Neemrana pre-wedding couple shoot in India.
Neemrana pre-wedding couple shoot in India.
Neemrana pre-wedding couple shoot in India.

Part 2: Mehendi and Sangeet night

This was an intimate event with the couple’s closest family and friends. While Anuroop got her mehendi done, her family performed for her and she joined them on the dance floor later in the night.

Indian bride portrait at a Delhi wedding.
Groom getting mehendi done at a Delhi wedding.
Indian groom mehendi at a Delhi wedding.
Indian bride portrait at a Delhi wedding.
Indian groom dancing at a Delhi wedding.
Indian bride dancing at a Delhi wedding.
Indian couple photo at a Delhi wedding.
We sneaked out with our couple during the sangeet for some portraits and found this little arch that was lit by fairy lights.

Part 3: Haldi and Wedding reception

The couple had separate haldi ceremonies. Kabir’s ceremony was the quintessential Indian haldi ceremony where his friends tore off his clothes and doused him with haldi and water.

Indian groom haldi ceremony at a Delhi wedding.
Indian groom haldi ceremony at a Delhi wedding.
Indian groom haldi ceremony at a Delhi wedding.

Meanwhile, Anuroop’s haldi was a gentle and loving affair with a fun twist at the end where her brothers carried her up the stairs.

Bride haldi at a Delhi wedding.
Indian bride haldi ceremony at a Delhi wedding.
Indian bride haldi ceremony at a Delhi wedding.

The couple had a wedding reception before the day of their Anandkaraj. Anuroop made for a most gorgeous bride.

Indian bride red lehenga photo at a Delhi wedding.
We couldn’t help but capture the bride’s most priced possession against this stunning sunset.
Indian bridal photo at a Delhi wedding.
A bridal portrait made literally in five minutes!
Indian bridal entry at a Delhi wedding.
Kabir’s friends teasing Anuroop by lifting him up in the air so she can’t reach up to him with the jaimala.
Indian couple dance at a Delhi wedding.

Part 4: Sikh Delhi wedding

Kabir and Anuroop married each other in a beautiful Sikh wedding ceremony in the Pahari Wala Gurudwara in GK.

Gurudwara Delhi wedding in GK.
The happy couple just after the Anandkaraj (wedding ceremony).
Indian groom with his groomsmen at a Delhi wedding.
Indian groom with his groomsmen at a Delhi wedding.
We made some fun portraits with the groomsmen after the wedding.

Watch Kabir and Anuroop marry each other in this beautiful Delhi wedding.

Wedding Makers

Pre-wedding Shoot Venue: Neemrana Hillfort Kesroli
Wedding venue: Karma Lakelands
Make-up artist: Makeovers by Aanchal
Wedding photography and cinematography: Twogether Studios
Photography: Arjun Kartha, Nikhil Mishra, Nihareekaa Kaur, Paras batra, Sunil Gautam
Cinematography: Anmol Sharma, Ritesh Arora, Sanjay, Durgesh

Twogether studios ashish varsha-32

A Delhi Wedding Photography Story | Ashish+Varsha

Two beautiful people make vows for life in a Delhi wedding

You can never know when love will make its way into your life. It could be while you’re looking for it or even when you’re least expecting it. You don’t get to choose who you fall in love with, or when. But when it comes around, it’s the best thing that can ever happen to you in this lifetime.

For Varsha and Ashish, a normal weekday turned to be the first day of the beginning of their lives together. They both had no idea that they would find their life partners at a chance meeting during a family visit. Ashish was struck by Varsha’s beautiful smile. A few conversations were all it took for them to decide that they were “it” for each other. They realised that they wanted the same things – love, family, and companionship – in life. Even their families agreed that they were the right partners for each other. Varsha’s family were joyful that their daughter was going to be a part of such a warm and loving family.

Their wedding celebrations began with an engagement and sangeet ceremony. It was a lovely sight to see the couple together and happy. Their chemistry was the kind where they didn’t need to express it in public but just knew by looking at each other.

Indian groom baraat entry wedding photography
Bridal portrait wedding photography India

Ashish and Varsha got married in a simple yet beautiful ceremony and made vows for life in front of their family and friends.

Watch Ashish and Varsha promise to love each other for a lifetime in a beautiful Delhi-Sirsa wedding.

pre-wedding couple shoot wedding photography

Tips for Better Back-Lit Portraits in Natural Light

Create those dreamy and romantic back-lit portraits in natural light

The very first step to being a good photographer is learning to see light. It is, after all, the most important part of photography. As beginners and as professionals, we work with light while shooting. We chase after good light and learn to work with harsh light. But we especially love the challenge of working with natural light, as it changes every day and every season, so there’s always something new to create. One of our favourite techniques while making portraits in natural light for our couples is back-lit photography. It creates a romantic and dreamy effect with beautiful warm tones in the image. Mastering the technique may take time, but the efforts will be worth it once you get it right.

Here are a few tips that will help you master those perfect back-lit portraits in natural light.

Krabi pre wedding destination couple photography Twogether Studios

Diffuse the sun

When shooting against the light, the sun can cause flares or haze in your images. Unless including the flare is part of your artistic vision, you need to place your subject or angle your shot in such a way that you are able to control it. Don’t be afraid to use “open shade” or try to position your subject in places where the sunlight naturally filters through the trees, large bushes, tall buildings or any other element in your surroundings. This way, the background is not blown out and you get that dreamy bokeh in the background. Using a lens hood is also a way to cut back on the lens flare.

Another thing to remember is not to shoot from only one place or angle. Keep moving around to find a spot where your subject and light are both balanced in the frame. Back-lit photos don’t mean that the sun has to be directly behind the subject, it can also be angled. Angle yourself and the camera in such a way that sunlight doesn’t hit the lens directly.

pre-wedding couple shoot wedding photography

Spot meter for face

Metering is an important part of getting a backlit shot right. When you shoot in matrix or evaluative metering mode, the camera takes into account the light of the entire frame. In that case, because of the light streaming from the back, your subject will be darker than the background. Using spot metering will get you the right exposure for the subject’s face and skin tone. Now when you spot meter for face, the background will be blown out. So first spot meter for face, and then adjust the exposure by a few stops so as to balance the background with the subject. But if the subject gets dark while you’re trying to correctly expose the background, then our next tip will help you out.

Use a reflector or fill flash

This is how you compensate for the brighter background, and light up your subject. You can use fill flash to light up part of the subject’s face that is dark or getting no/less light. The flash will give you the option of lighting up the subject’s face with the angle and power that you want. So the flash acts as a supplement to the natural light. You can even use a reflector to add light to the subject’s face. Hold it and adjust until the right amount and intensity of light are reflected on your subject’s face.

Choose the right time of day

There’s definitely a good and bad time of day when it comes to taking backlit pictures in natural light. In our experience, an hour after sunrise and before sunset is a good time, but the golden hour is the best time to shoot. That warm, dreamy light that you see is usually achieved during the golden hour but remember that in India, it lasts only about 20-30 minutes. So be absolutely prepared with your camera and light settings. If you haven’t set up beforehand, the light will be gone before you know it and you will miss the shot.

If it happens that you aren’t able to shoot around sunrise or sunset for any reason, avoid shooting around noon at any costs because it’ll cast harsh shadows. Remember, it’s backlight and not top light.

We agree it’a slightly difficult skill to master, but with practice, we’re sure you will be taking those gorgeous and dreamy back-lit portraits in no time. The key is to remember all the above guidelines and practice, practice, practice! We also have a post on back-lit photography with artificial light coming up soon! Subscribe to the blog to stay updated.

If you have any questions or are struggling with achieving the technique, give us a shout and we’d be happy to help you with it!

tips for good photography blog SEO twogether studios

Tips for Creating a Good Photography Blog

The secret to a good photography blog at your fingertips

As photography professionals, we are always looking for ways to increase our reach and gain more audience. And an audience is what a photographer needs the most. And as a company that has built a community of thousands of loyal online audience over the past decade, we think that creating a photography blog is definitely the step towards it.

You might be wondering why we’re writing about creating a photography blog when there are so many other social media outlets to reach people. Well, we’ll tell you. It’s definitely not the same as social media, but blogging has its own host of advantages to you and your business as a photographer. It gives you a separate platform to showcase more of your work, images that don’t make it to your social media. You can engage more personally with your audience, show the people the person behind the work and connect with them on a more intimate level. In the past years, blogging has become a significant marketing tool used to attract audiences and boost businesses.

What you intend it for and how you use the platform is on you, but we’re here to just tell you the basics of establishing a good photography blog. So if you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to expand your business potential or just someone who is an enthusiast, read on to know more.

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#1 Know the basics

It goes without saying that frequency is important in establishing a good blog. If a visitor lands upon your blog and sees a post that is at least a month or two old, they’ll assume that your blog is inactive and move on. So try and post at least once a week. Posting regularly also helps in building good SEO, which we will come to later in this post. But when you keep posting consistently, your audience will also come to expect your posts and look forward to them. If you want to build a long-term community of readers and photographers, you should follow a schedule and stick to it. Posting content regularly is the only way to keep people coming back to your blog and build your audience.

Bring your personality out in your writing. People may see and admire your photos but they also want to know the person behind the work. So keep it conversational and light, and bring your quirks, funny observations out in your writing. It’s quite possible that whatever you choose to write about may have been done before, but what will make it different is the things you add to the writing.

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#2 Make sure your photos take centre stage

As a photography blog, people will expect to see more of photos when they visit. Of course, writing is a huge part of blogging, but it’s the pictures that are central to your work. So choose a template that best displays your pictures. Even in your articles, add at least 4-5 images between the text. This will serve two purposes – one, it will break the monotony of the text by a visual, two, your audience will relate to the text more when they see a related image with it. So always accompany the text with an image in context to it.

When you add images with alt titles and tags in your posts, you will also generate traffic to your website from image search engines. For example, when writing about “Tips for Shooting Good Bridal Portraits”, add alt tags to your bridal photo. This way when a bride searches for “bridal photos” on Google, you might come up in search results.

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#3 Blog for the right reasons

If you start a blog with the intention of getting free deals, gear, and cameras, you’re doing it wrong. It should never be about money and products. You should do it for your passion for photography, and the money and deals will come to you eventually. When you focus on content, it shows in your writing and your audience will see it too. Once you have the attention of a large number of people, brands and other companies will realise the worth of collaborating with you. So blog to inspire, to put your ideas out there and to engage in conversation with your peers. Correct motivation is the key to a successful photography blog.

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#4 Find your niche

Decide what you want to write and talk about and who is your audience. Starting a photography blog is great and all, but you need to figure out what you want to say when you start one. Is it going to be an extension of your website with more work and portfolio pictures for clients? Do you want to be a thought leader and voice your opinions on ideas related to the industry? Or will you help aspiring photographers with your knowledge and inspire them to do better? Whichever direction you want to go, it’s important to make a decision. Once you’ve defined the category in which you’re going to play, tailor your content accordingly. Defining your niche will also help you target a specific set of people and market your content so that it reaches the right audience.

#5 Stay relevant

Once you know which topics you’re going to write on, stay relevant. Keep up with the latest news in that sphere and write about topical things. If you’ve decided to write educational posts about photography, stay updated on the current trends, issues, and discussions pertinent to photography. Give your audience tips to improve their skills, voice your opinions on the problems plaguing the industry or encourage a discussion on the current trends in the industry. Whatever you choose, make sure it interests your readers and is of use of them.

#6 Follow good SEO practices

Start with building good quality internal links and backlinks. You gain credibility when a website or blog other than yours links to your website (backlink). Imagine it like a good reference in an interview. Ask for a link to your website/blog when wedding blogs mention you. Also, link any of your older posts in your text, but keep the internal links limited to 2-3 in one post. This is a good way to improve your bounce rate.

The next step to a good SEO is using the right keywords in your post. What would your average consumer search for when looking for a wedding photographer online? Choose one keyword relevant to the content of your post and use the same in the following – post title, URL, H1/H2 tags, meta tags and spread them evenly throughout your text, but don’t spam. We’ve spoken in detail about good SEO practices for wedding photographers, so head on over there to read about how to rank your website better.

tips for good photography blog SEO

#7 Engagement and marketing

Encourage discussion on your post, so that people keep visiting and coming back. End your post with a question or encourage readers to comment about their experiences, give suggestions or ask questions if they have any. Another way to get more engagement is by commenting on others’ blogs. When you consistently engage with other blog-writers, eventually they will come to your blog and comment too. Make sure to reply to comments and questions on time. Readers appreciate prompt replies and will be more inclined to comment again. You could even get another photographer to be a guest-writer for you.

Another way to increase engagement is by making it easy for friends and family to share your posts. The more people share articles from your website, the more it adds to your blog’s credibility and Google ranking. This will also add to the traffic on your website.

It sounds like a lot of work, but we assure you it isn’t. If you don’t think of it as a chore, it won’t be. In fact, we can tell you from experience that it becomes a fun process along the way. You can always decide how often you want to write and choose a pace that suits you. But also remember, that this isn’t an overnight process. It takes a while to build a community of loyal readers and gain credibility.

If you have any questions or tips you would like to share, please drop a comment. We’d love to answer any queries and take your suggestions.

Sikh candid bride portrait Delhi Wedding

5 Shots We Love to Capture on a Bridal Shoot

Must-have shots for a bride on her wedding day

We love weddings! And we love shooting weddings! Through our years of experience, we know the ins and outs of a wedding day. And we know just how special it is for a bride. It’s the day you’ve been dreaming about for months, the day when all your preparations come together in a beautiful ceremony. It’s your day! But in the hustle bustle, excitement and nervousness of your day, it can be hard to remember or even take out time for photos. Which is where we, the wedding photographers, come in! We love getting creative and spending time taking bridal portraits. And while we love every aspect – the mehendi, the jewellery, the shoes – there are certain things we never forget to capture on a wedding day. Here’s a list of shots we love to capture on a bridal shoot.

#1 Lehenga shot

We know you’ve spent so many hours and days pouring over bridal magazines, visiting boutiques, following bridal trends and getting that blouse fit juuust right. All for that perfect lehenga for your wedding day. So why not let your photographer take that shot of your lehenga swaying in the wind? We love going on a hunt for that quirky place to hang our bride’s gorgeous lehengas and make it the star of the image.

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#2 Getting Ready

We love capturing the process of a girl becoming a bride. It is one of the parts of your wedding story. This is also a perfect time for us to capture fleeting emotions our bride’s go through before their wedding. Her excitement, nervousness, that beautiful bridal glow on her face. It’s also a great time to capture those intimate moments with her family while she’s getting ready. When the bride’s sister helps her put on her jewellery, or when the bride’s Mom settles that dupatta on her head. The look on the father’s face when he sees his daughter for the first time as a bride is priceless!

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#3 Bridal Portrait

All your wedding preparations for months have been leading up to this moment – when you’re finally dressed as a bride. And we love capturing our brides in all their glory! This is where we take our own sweet time to give you a portrait that transcends time and trends. We really work towards creating an image that highlights the best of you on your special day.

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#4 Bridal Entry

Now that you’re all ready, all eyes are waiting for you. And so is our camera’s lens! It’s quite heartwarming to capture the bride’s entrance with her entourage of loved ones. Every bridal entry is different. Some walk in with a phoolo ki chaadar overhead, some make an entry while their family holds sparklers, or some brides go big and enter in a grand palki. When all eyes are on her, every bride reacts differently as well. Some blush and get shy, and some dance and walk confidently through their entries. Whatever your style is, make your bridal entry and be assured that we’ll be there to make it a memory for you!

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#5 Vidaai

Vidaai ceremonies are truly heartwarming and extremely emotional moments in an Indian wedding. It’s a bittersweet moment as the bride says goodbye to her family. We love how all the emotions just burst forth during a vidaai. It’s extremely important for us to capture this moment of great sentiment as the bride leaves her family and loved ones.

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Of course, these are not the only images we create for a bride on her wedding day. We go far and beyond to give our brides what they want and deserve. Every bride is unique in her own way and her bridal shots are created to suit her style. We suggest that whatever you do, make sure you take some time out for portraits. This day will not come back again and we know from experience that you will cherish the memories from this day for life.

Any questions? Drop them in the comments and we’ll answer! If you’d like to talk about the possibility of us shooting your wedding, please contact us here. We’d love to be a part of your day!