Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap

The Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap #makeitstrong

We were so overwhelmed by the amazing response and enthusiasm shown by all photographers during the last two seasons of our Wedding Photography Workshops, we just knew that we had to host a third one – but this time, we wanted to make it bigger and better! And sure enough, The Wedding Photography Bootcamp weekend was bigger, better, more power packed and comprehensive than before. It was an exhilarating experience, interacting with participants from different states and even from outside the country – the participants ranged from young budding photographers to professional wedding photographers with a few years experience!

As some of you may know, we love to talk about wedding photography. And photography in general. We love to share our experiences with fellow peers and our knowledge with those aspiring to do better. We want to reach as many people as possible to expand our market and make it better for everyone – hosting and conducting a workshop is one of the small ways in which we believe we can give back to our community. 

As far as workshops go, we wanted to make ours as demonstrative, interactive and hands-on as possible. While planning the sessions, we decided that we wanted participants to really get a sense of real weddings and shooting in real conditions – we wanted to create an experience that was as close to the real deal as we could. So the only way to do that was to hire a wedding venue, re-create a wedding setup, find models to play the bride & groom and simulate a wedding – right from the couple shoot to the wedding pheras. 

In addition, we had a lot of dynamic and interactive theory sessions to discuss photography styles, techniques and gear, the business of photography along with branding and marketing, simulated client meetings and how to convert leads to confirmed assignments. 

To plan the event, we tried to put in as much thought so that we could cover all our bases! We started with hiring the venue, the lovely Le Meridien Gurgaon, identifying the “ideal” Mandap design+lighting and finding a good Mandap Decorator to execute it for us, hiring good models, selecting the right outfits and accessories for them and, finally, arranging a priest to “conduct” the wedding ceremony. All in all, we put in almost enough work to plan and execute a real wedding!

The bootcamp was an intense combination of dynamic discussions and live shoots. We included 7 live-shoots and simulations, where we demonstrated techniques and gave each participant a chance to shoot their vision of every aspect of a wedding. 

Here’s the lowdown on what we covered and some Behind-The-Scenes photos.

Day 1 began with some general introductions and discussions about wedding photography myths, gear, techniques and couple poses. We simulated client meetings to demonstrate ways of creating a great impression on your clients, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. All of this was followed by the most interactive and dynamic discussions of all – positioning, branding and marketing. Almost everyone was stoked to learn about increasing reach and recall through marketing and social media.





We also spoke about Album Design – why albums are important, how to make the selection and design process more efficient as well as good and not-so-good design practices. Praerna got her chance to wax eloquent on her favourite subject – using stories to create brilliant album design.




Mr.Ranjit Yadav, CEO of Canvera, came in himself to talk about the changing trends in albums, the importance of design and process as well as everything that goes in to delivering a beautiful photo-book full of fond wedding memories. 

After all this theory and discussion, all the tips and tricks, everyone was raring to go out and shoot. We proceeded to the Aravali Bio Diversity Park, Gurgaon, for the first Live Shoot Session: The Outdoor Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot.


We briefed the group on the basics of composition, posing and couple interaction – one of the most important aspects of a successful couple shoot is to make the couple comfortable enough to stop feeling conscious of the camera. It’s important to make them feel relaxed and natural. 



Everyone was divided into groups and they all took turns, giving everyone a chance to try their hand and get feedback on their techniques and manner. 


In addition to basic couple posing, lighting and techniques, we also demonstrated the use of props like coloured helium balloons, coloured smoke etc add some drama to the shots. The idea was to make the experience feel as close to one of our actual Pre-Wedding Couple Shoots. 



Despite the heat of the sweltering day, it seemed like everyone had a great time and went away with some gorgeous shots of the couple in the beautiful surroundings of the Bio-D! 

Day 2 began with an intensive session on photo editing and post processing – using the images shot the previous evening of the Couple Shoot, we demonstrated the basics of photo processing, shared some tips and tricks as well as discussed good workflow for data. Because everyone had images from the previous evening, we could demonstrate the process live on the screen and give them a chance to replicate and learn on their own images with real-time feedback. 



After responding to the myriad questions regarding post-processing, we moved on to the real deal. The “getting ready”, boudoir shoot and bride+groom portraits. Le Meridien had secured their Presidential Suite for us to be able to demonstrate how this shoot takes place in a “real” situation, i.e. the bride & groom getting ready in a hotel suite, with the ambience to boot. 

A quick briefing on posing and lighting formed the prelude of this session before we let everyone take turns in getting their shots. 

Aaaaaand, we jump right in to the action. This is one of our personal favourite parts of a wedding shoot and it seems that all the participants shared our enthusiasm. 



It was followed by some couple portraits in all their wedding finery and, finally, the exciting wedding ceremony shoot – complete with mandap and priest! We realise that the mandap forms the centrepiece of any Hindu wedding and never forget to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a beautiful mandap. We tried to create one which would make a lovely backdrop to the wedding ceremony without intruding upon the real story, that of the bride and groom. We carefully chose a minimal design and enhanced it with soft lighting and our beloved mirchi lights! We truly think that these inexpensive but beautiful lights are every photographers’ favourite! 


We briefed the priest to demonstrate all the high points of a Hindu Arya Samaj wedding without actually marrying the model couple off! 

akp-44 As always, we divided them up into groups and gave them all a chance to experiment with getting their shots and shared live feedback, tips and tricks with them.


We rounded it all up with a full group photograph of everyone who attended and was a part of making the Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 a great success. 
akp-28We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to host and conduct more of these Wedding Photography Bootcamps! To know when the next one is scheduled, subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the top right corner, and stay tuned to the Facebook Page for updates and details.

Here are some of the actual photographs we took over the two days of the workshop.

DAY 1 – Pre-wedding Shoot!









DAY 2 – Boudoir Photography







Couple portraits before the wedding!




And last but not the least, the actual wedding ceremony!




We thank everyone who came, everyone who helped put it together and, of course, our lovely partners, Le Meridien Gurgaon and Canvera.

All behind-the-scenes photos credit Vidhi Bharadwaj/Thoda Strong. 

[box title=”Credits”]

Credits – Day 1

Venue: Le Meridien, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot Location: Aravali Bio-Diversity Park Gurgaon

Models: Priya & Sahil
Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Priya) and Dhruv Vaish (for Sahil)
Jewellery: Malleka from Nimai , Shahpur Jat
Makeup & Hair: Kabir and Sangeeta – The Beauty Brigade

Credits – Day 2

Location: Le Meredien , Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Models: Priya and Sahil
Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Priya) and Dhruv Vaish (for Sahil)
Jewellery: Vasundhara Mantri from Nimai, Shahpur Jat
Makeup & Hair: Kabir and Sangeeta – The Beauty Brigade


Event Partners:

Venue & Hospitality Partner: Le Meridien, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
Print Partner: Canvera


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Recap: APEX – Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Workshop, Oct 2014 New Delhi

Recap: The APEX – Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Workshop, New Delhi Oct 2014.

Phew! It’s been a week since the workshop, and we’re back in the office after had an amazing time! Here’s a quick post with lots of behind-the-scenes fun moments with the batch, as well as a selection of some of the images we shot during the two-day session! 

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When we announced the Wedding Workshop on the blog earlier in October, we were blown away by the response and the interest shown by folks wanting to attend it. Sadly, we had decided to only have 15 slots to be able to give personal attention to everyone. Despite not being able to accommodate more participants, the experience was an exhilarating one — interacting with a group of photographers who are as passionate about wedding photography as we are. The attendees ranged from those who are still in photography school to a 47 year old veteran photojournalist.

As some of you may know, after actually taking photos at weddings, our second favourite thing to do is talk about photography. And this workshop gave us just the right space to do so. The workshop weekend was full of energetic discussions and live shoot modules, during which we shared ideas and demonstrated techniques; then we gave each participant an opportunity to try it out for themselves. We had much more fun than we anticipated and, believe it or not, learned a few things ourselves.

Models & make-up artists were hired, outfits sourced and a mandap/vedi created! It was almost like planning a real mini-wedding. Almost.

We began both days with some theory — discussing subjects like styles and trends in wedding photography, what to expect while shooting a wedding, equipment recommendations, a-day-in-the-life-of etc.





The live shoot module for Day 1 was held at Mehrauli Archaeological Park which, believe it or not, consists of 100 or more historically significant monuments. We are officially in love with this location. It’s beautiful and it provided us with the perfect space to give all the participants some shoot time. The idea was to simulate a pre-wedding session with a couple, and to be able to give the participants ideas and practice to be able to think on their feet while creating the perfect shot. 









The AKP support team as well as the inevitable curious bystanders added to the fun and madness.




Here are a few of our favourite images we shot from the Day 1 shoot:

















Our favourite shot from the day would have to be this one — it also helped demonstrate photography techniques in low light settings. akp-wedding-photography-workshops-Delhi-October-38

Day 2 began with more discussions on image curation, photo processing, album design and Wedding Photography as a business in India.





The second live shoot module was that of boudoir photography and bridal portraiture…








Here are some of our favourite images we shot from this module…
















Next was our carefully created mandap, where we simulated the important stages of a typical North Indian Hindu wedding.












And one last one, to remember the batch by!



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We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and can’t wait to conduct more of these workshops! To know when the next one is scheduled, subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the top right corner, and tuned to the Facebook Page for updates and details.

Credits – Day 1

Location: Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Akanksha Sareen & Vaibhav Keswani

Outfits: Models’ Own
Makeup & Hair: Makeup Mafia

Credits – Day 2

Location: APEX Basement Studio and Terrace
Akanksha Sareen & Vaibhav Keswani

Outfits: Mad Sam Tin Zin (for Akanksha) and Shashank & Prajwal (for Vaibhav)
Makeup & Hair: Makeup Mafia


The APEX – Arjun Kartha Photography Wedding Photography Workshop


Indian Wedding Photography Workshop

Wedding Photography in India has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and as an industry has transformed from being predominantly traditional posed photography to highly creative contemporary candid styles of wedding photography. Good wedding photographers are in high demand nowadays, with couples wanting to invest in high quality wedding memories and albums that will last them a lifetime. Wedding photography today is a very aspirational career opportunity – so if you’re an amateur or semi-professional photographer looking to start shooting weddings, this is the workshop for you!


workshop-posterThe Apex Wedding Photography Workshop by Arjun Kartha – 25 & 26 Oct 2014

Cost: INR 10,000

Duration: Two days – 25-26 Oct 2014

Status: Registrations Open!! 

In collaboration with APEX – The Academy for Photographic Excellence, I’d like to  introduce a one-of-a-kind wedding photography workshop; over the course of two days you will be part of an amazing, fun and inspirational event where Arjun will share all his experience shooting weddings all over India and abroad. The course will broadly cover:



  • Wedding Photography in India – origins, trends and styles associated with the industry
  • What does it take to shoot a wedding? Gear needed, and how you can gain experience
  • Working with off-camera lights, and how to use minimal lighting to gain phenomenal results
  • Two separate live shoots with models with individual shooting time per participant with hands on coaching by Arjun
  • Working with a couple – and how to ace a couple shoot
  • Post production and workflow basics – how to go from thousands of photos to a carefully curated story
  • Album design and production – telling the story

 Class sizes are limited – so register early!


Who should attend, and what you can expect to learn:

The workshop is open to all photographers! If you’ve never shot a wedding, or have been toying with the thought of wedding photography as an alternate career, this is a must-attend for you. Over the course of the two day workshop, you will learn about the fundamentals of shooting a wedding and understand the rigor and effort it takes to successfully create a wedding story. You will understand that wedding photography can be one of the most strenuous and challenging genres of photography – and why you need to have a solid foundation in the principles of photography to be able own the responsibility of shooting the most important day in someone’s life!

About Arjun Kartha

Arjun Kartha is a ‘non-wedding’ wedding photographer with a candid, contemporary and off-beat approach to shooting Indian marriages. Along with his wife Praerna, they typically work as a husband-wife team, and are pioneers of the fledgling candid wedding photography genre in India. With a penchant for making “fun” photos, they specialise in create stories using a blend of photojournalistic and candid photography – and in doing so, create behind-the-scenes memories that will last a lifetime. Arjun is a winner of the Indian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 award, and a proud member of Fearless Photographers and the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) – two of the most elite associations in the world that recognises excellence in wedding photography. 

 Registration Procedure

Registration will be via APEX. Please call Jenny  (working hours, Mon-Fri) at 011-41669520 or 011-46015225 or write to her at [email protected] for registering and other details.


  • A basic understanding of photography along with a keen sense for composition and “capturing the moment”
  • A D-SLR by any brand with the capability of changing lenses
  • A laptop for editing photos
  • Ideally a strobe / flash head (an external flash that you can mount on your camera)
  • Any post-production software installed on your laptop, preferably Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop
  • Extra batteries, memory cards and enough storage space on your laptop
  • A mode of transport (car/bike) to be able to travel from APEX, Vasant Vihar to outdoor shoot locations



Q: I don’t own a DSLR. Can I still attend the workshop?

A: I would seriously recommend having your own camera for the workshop. If you do not own one at the moment, there are various rental options available in New Delhi. Future Forward is a good place to start.

Q: I don’t own a laptop. Can I still attend the workshop?

A: As above, photography is all about a workflow – and learning how to smoothly transition from the camera to post production is an important part of what you need to learn

Q: I don’t have a car / bike – Can I still attend the workshop?

A: You need to be able to get to APEX at the right time and travel to/fro the college to the shoot location. All shoots will start SHARP on time – so you can try and ask any of the other participants for a ride, but do so at your own risk.

Q: I am not from Delhi and will be coming only for the workshop. Is stay included?

A: Unfortunately not! You will need to make your own staying and travel arrangements to APEX, Vasant Vihar and to/from the outdoor shoot locations

Q: Will I get the opportunity to shoot with the models?

A: Yes! All course participants will get a chance to shoot solo with the models who will simulate a real couple – while being guided by Arjun

Q: Can I use the images to build by portfolio?

A: Technically, yes. Any images shot by you are your own property and can be used to build your portfolio. To be fair though, you should mention that the images are simulated are aren’t a real couple.

For more information, please leave a comment below or get in touch by writing in to [email protected] I look forward to seeing you there!