India’s first Online Wedding Photography Course

wedding photography course

The AKP e-Bootcamp

Since the renaissance of wedding photography in India less than a decade ago, wedding photography is now a prime career option for thousands of young photographers in India. With Indian weddings getting larger and larger, and Indian couples wanting more of story telling rather than traditional wedding photographs – the demand for high quality wedding photographers is growing every day. However, for young photographers – there are very limited options for learning the ropes. The Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Bootcamp series is a two day intense crash course in wedding photography – but workshops like these can only happen at limited intervals every year. We are now PROUD to announce the launch of India’s FIRST online wedding photography course in association with World Photographers Club – which is available on-demand, anywhere in the world!

For any questions and queries, call at +91 8527 577 500.

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Featuring over 20 hours of rich HD video content, the online course will give you access to knowledge, tips and tricks and insider secrets like never before! If you’re ready to kick-start your career in wedding photography into high gear, this is the course for you.

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The highlights of the course are:

  • A complete wedding photography intensive crash course in full HD video with on-demand access
  • A mix of classroom based sessions with live in-the-field shoots with a real couple
  • All aspects of wedding photography in great detail, including equipment, marketing, shooting techniques, post production and client servicing
  • All your questions answered by me personally via the course system
  • Gain exclusive insights into the business of wedding photography and how to work like a professional
  • Never before secrets and insider tips on how to ace a wedding shoot and gain happy customers
  • Streaming online files, available on desktop, mobile or tablet

Here is a short trailer of what you can expect from the full course:

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Course Content: 

  1. Introduction and welcome: setting the stage for the online workshop
  2. Winning at client meetings: A simulated client meeting with tips and tricks throughout on walking away with a win!
  3. Marketing: A full marketing 101 on how to build enquiries using various paid, owned and earned methods
  4. Album Design: The basics of album production, with tips and tricks on how to speed up your workflow and tell a visual story
  5. LIVE couple shoot: An outdoor session with a real couple with tutorials throughout on how to approach and conduct a shoot
  6. The couple shoot fundamentals and post production: A full in-depth dive into how to manage a couple shoot, and details discussions on post production using photos taken during the couple shoot session
  7. LIVE Bride and Groom’s Getting Ready: Behind-the-scenes tips and tricks on how to be unobtrusive but yet create stories from quieter moments in the wedding
  8. LIVE Bride and Groom’s Individual Portraiture: How to create stunning portraits of the bride and groom in minutes while under the stress of time and opportunity
  9. LIVE Bride and Groom’s Couple Portraits: Tips and tricks on how to sneak the couple away just before or after the wedding rituals to create magic on their special day
  10. LIVE: Wedding Pheras: A full mock-wedding setup, with running commentaries on how to capitalise on emotions and moments.
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Who should sign up for this course: 

  • Photographers from any field looking to gain a foothold in the wedding photography industry
  • Practicing wedding photographers looking to gain insights into the world of high end professional wedding photography
  • Students or amateur photographers wanting to gain experience and knowledge around wedding photography

Course Reviews:

[su_quote cite=”Rahul Nigam”]For me, your workshop was a one stop shop where I got to learn each and everything![/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”Ankit Sharma”]This workshop was the most comprehensive and detailed workshop. The knowledge sharing sessions and practical tips, were just brilliant! There is no other workshop like this! Would recommend this to everyone! [/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”Sangeet Bhushan”]Great learning curve for me in terms of creating your own brand, marketing and post processing![/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”N S Subramaniam”]The entire bootcamp was worth the time and money invested, learnt a lot more than expected. A big thanks to team Arjun Kartha![/su_quote] [su_heading size=”36″]INR 5,000* only! [/su_heading]

* Taxes as applicable. The course is created in association with World Photographers Club e-learning site and is hosted on their site…click here if you are unable to access the link.

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