6 ways to look GREAT in your Wedding Photographs

As wedding photographers, the question we get asked most of all is by brides, wanting to know if there are any simple steps they can take that can help them look gorgeous on their photographs. Being such an important aspect of their day, we thought we would share some tips to help all the brides out there…  

Tip #1: Invest in quality wedding photography  

This may seem like a given, but it’s often hard for brides to decide on whom to choose for their wedding, and find someone who will fit in their budget. Often, brides make the mistake of entrusting a ‘friend’– or a relative, with getting the candid wedding photos. While this may sound like a good idea, you have to remember that shooting a wedding is a lot of work. First, you’re expecting your friend to forego most of the fun during your wedding because he or she will be stuck behind the camera, and second you’re giving them the enormous responsibility of getting quality pictures from hours and hours of ceremony, with rapidly changing light and a multitude of distractions. A professional wedding photographer knows how to work within all this– and has made the investment in skill and equipment to make sure all the wedding pictures are the way they should be.

Experienced wedding photographers are able to capture the moment

Experienced wedding photographers are able to capture the moment   

Tip #2: (for brides) Your Make Up Artiste is your best friend! 

Many make-up artists are experts at knowing what looks good on the camera– and what will work accordingly. Well done make-up will make you look glamorous and also give you a natural glow. When you’re meeting make-up artistes make sure you take a look at their work, and choose someone you are comfortable with. As far as possible, opt for your MUA to come to you (to your home or hotel room) instead of you going to their studio on your wedding day. Not only will it be far more comfortable in your own space, you’ll get to spend more time with your family on your wedding day. And of course, your photographer will have that much more freedom to shoot you while you’re getting ready! 

An experienced stylist / make-up-artiste can really be a bride’s best friend!

An experienced stylist / make-up-artiste can really be a bride’s best friend!

Tip #3: Selecting your outfit

This is probably the single-most important decision for a bride for her wedding day! I don’t need to tell you much here, but here are some important points from a photographer’s perspective:

COLOURS: Obviously, bright purple, reds and pinks go a long way. During a wedding, a bride has to stand out. Make sure your décor and overall wedding theme colors do not clash, but complement your dress.

STYLE: I can’t stress enough how important it is to BE COMFORTABLE in your wedding outfit. Or at least, reasonably comfortable. You have to remember that you’re going to be spending hours in it – and the happier you are with life in general while you’re in your chosen outfit, the happier you’re going to look in your pictures!

SNEAK PICTURES: When you’ve decided where (designer/ store) to buy your outfit (s), don’t rely only on the mirror or what the designer or their staff say. Take a few pictures while you’re draping/ trying the fabric or ready outfit– so you get an idea of what you look like in pictures. Later, it might help to share the pictures with your photographer so he/she knows what to expect and be mentally prepared.

A happy bride will love you for going the extra mile.

With the right outfit, you’ll really be on top of the world! 

Tip #4: If you’re really HAVING FUN- your wedding pictures will reflect this.

I can’t stress how important it is to be happy and ‘chilled out’ on your wedding day. If you’re worried about a million things– like things running late, important people missing from your grand entrance, or things like missing props– it’s going to be apparent in your pictures. Conversely, if you’re really having FUN during your wedding your wedding pictures will also reflect this. GO with the flow: Things WILL go wrong. It’s the nature of things. Let go after a while and just have fun!

When everything goes right, all that’s left is to have fun at the wedding

When everything goes right, all that’s left is to have fun at the wedding  

Tip #5: Your wedding is much more than just your Pheras!

A lot of people tend to forget that candid wedding photographers LOVE behind-the-scenes moments. Most of these moments really happen in the run up to the wedding– laughing happy pictures of you surrounded by the people closest to you. These could be pictures of you getting ready for your sangeet or the crazy moments where you’re pressed for time and need to start getting ready. Or even a relaxed mehendi ceremony with your best friends and siblings.

a. It’ll be a good idea to ask your photographer to show up at your home an hour or so before you’re scheduled to leave for the venue so that you’ll get fun pictures of what was happening that day.

b. While you don’t need to ‘pose’ for the camera, give your photographer enough opportunities to take pictures of you. Every time you change outfits or venues (however small a change it may be), ensure that you spare a few minutes for a close-up and full-length portraiture. Enjoy the attention, chat and dance with people who matter most– forget about the camera, and have a good time.

indian bride, haldi

Quieter moments with your close friends and family can be incredible fun

Tip #6: Learn to pose. Really. It’s a lot of work!

Most of us hate getting our picture taken…I certainly do. But you’re getting married and you’ve spent a LOT of time on your wedding day look…the one thing you and your photographer will want is amazing bridal portraits. On the big day, your wedding photographer might help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, by demonstrating some simple poses. However, if you know you’re camera shy practicing before-hand can go a long way.

a. Look through wedding magazines, blogs, Pinterest boards (or http://www.arjunkarthaphotography.com) to see how real brides and models pose in wedding wear– try replicating those looks in front of a mirror. Don’t worry if you feel ‘goofy’ doing it– the effort is worth it.

b. Try and find your ‘good-side’: All of us have a side of our face and body that we like more than the other. Decide which one that is by practicing in front of a mirror, and tell your photographer which one you prefer. It REALLY makes a difference!

c. Don’t just pose…have fun: Try and get into a relaxed, informal mood with your photographer. When you’re REALLY laughing, that’s when you’ll laugh with your eyes…and come back with a really awesome wedding portrait.

indian bride

Posing for the camera can be great fun too 

We hope you find these tips useful. For any further information, please get in touch with us!

Article originally written for WeddingSutra and you can view it here.

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